Sunshine and warmer temperatures to finally return to the Netherlands

Sunshine and warmer temperatures to finally return to the Netherlands

After days of grey skies and rain, the Netherlands is finally set to see some sunny and warm weather this week, with temperatures forecasted to rise above 25 degrees on August 10 and 11. 

August 2023: Wet, cloudy, and cold in the Netherlands

The Dutch weather has certainly left much to be desired over the past few weeks: after an unseasonable warm and sunny June, July was exceptionally wet - and so far August has looked much the same. As the Dutch capital celebrated Pride Amsterdam in the rain over the weekend, other parts of the country were issued with code yellow weather warnings by the Dutch Weather Institute (KNMI) due to the heavy showers and strong winds. 

Sunday even saw some floods across the Netherlands, including in Purmerend where a parking garage flooded, damaging a total of 40 cars. In Enschede, the roof of a shop collapsed due to the heavy rainfall, and water had to be drained from the A27 between Breda and Gorinchem, resulting in cars being diverted from the road for an extended period.

Dutch weather to cheer up from Wednesday

Sadly, the beginning of this week brings more rain and cool temperatures; both Monday and Tuesday will see rain showers, gusts of wind, clouds and only small bursts of sunshine, with temperatures of around 19 degrees expected across all the major Dutch cities

Things cheer up again a little from Wednesday, as the last of the rain showers move east across the country towards Germany, making room for some more sunshine. The wind will also die down, resulting in a slight rise in temperatures: those in Groningen will see the mercury reach 20 degrees, while in Eindhoven it’ll rise to a maximum of 22 degrees. 

According to Weeronline, Thursday and Friday will bring “summery” temperatures of above 25 degrees in parts of the country, including in Maastricht, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague. There will also be “considerable” periods of sunshine, although the risk of rain and thunderstorms will increase over the course of Friday. Make the most of the nicer weather while it lasts, as heading into this weekend the rain will be back with a vengeance - although temperatures will remain around 21 to 24 degrees across the country.

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