Parts of the Netherlands could reach 24 degrees celsius this weekend

Parts of the Netherlands could reach 24 degrees celsius this weekend

As is usually the case after the holiday weekend is over, warm weather is on the way to the Netherlands - typical! After weeks of the characteristically changeable weather of early spring in the Netherlands, Saturday, April 6 is set to see temperatures climb up to 24 degrees celsius in parts of the country - and we could even see some bright sunshine too!

Temperatures set to get warmer this weekend in the Netherlands

The rainy weather has given many of us the blues over the past few months, but finally, things are starting to look up - with some sunny spells and warmer days on the way this weekend. The first day above 20 degrees celsius is set to be on Saturday, April 6, when the weather will be up to 24 degrees and dry with a mix of sunshine and cloud throughout the day. 

In the run-up to Saturday, the weather is set to get warmer, with temperatures on Thursday hitting 13 degrees, and Friday seeing the mercury rise to 17 degrees in some areas. The weather looks set to remain warm into next week, with highs staying around 15 or 16 degrees throughout.

Tail end of 2023’s El Niño weather pattern causing changeable weather

Though the spring often sees sharp April Showers and intermittent sunny spells come to the Netherlands, the tail end of the El Niño weather phenomenon from 2023 has exacerbated and prolonged the changeable forecasts. Experts predict that this phenomenon, caused by warmer-than-usual ocean waters thousands of kilometres away, will cause the spring to be even wetter than normal across the country. 

The El Niño phenomenon officially only affects the weather around the tropics and countries around the Pacific Ocean, but in the spring, this is different, say experts at the KNMI. According to NOS, weather statistics show that the Dutch spring is wetter after an El Niño, with the only known exception being the last (powerful) El Niños of 2015 and 2016.

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