The Netherlands

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  • Interesting & Fun facts

    Interesting & Fun facts

    Interesting and fun business, social, historical and practical facts and figures about the Dutch and the Netherlands.
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  • Attractions & Sightseeing

    Attractions & Sightseeing

    How many Dutch attractions and sights (museums, canals, world heritage monuments, national parks, zoos and animal parks, amusement parks) have you visited?
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  • Dutch food

    Dutch food

    How much do you know about Dutch food?
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  • Dutch holidays

    Dutch holidays

    Dates of the upcoming public holidays in the Netherlands.
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  • Dutch cities

    Dutch cities

    Living in or visiting the Netherlands? Expat, student and tourist information, videos & links for the biggest Dutch cities.
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  • Going out

    Going out

    Lifestyle tips and info for expats looking to go out and experience the Dutch nightlife.
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  • Dutch history

    Dutch history

    How much do you know about Dutch history?
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  • Statistics & Facts

    Statistics & Facts

    A list of useful facts and statistics about the Netherlands.
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  • The Dutch government

    The Dutch government

    Learn more about the Dutch government as well as the constitution, provincial governments, municipalities, water boards, and ministries in the Netherlands.
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  • Dutch monarchy

    Dutch monarchy

    How much do you know about the King Willem-Alexander and the Dutch royal family?
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  • Dutch flags

    Dutch flags

    Information on the history and the evolution of the Dutch flag, the flags of the countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the Dutch municipal flags.
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  • Map of the Netherlands & Other Dutch maps

    Map of the Netherlands & Other Dutch maps

    Take a look at the map of the Netherlands and other interesting maps.
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  • Primary & secondary education

    Primary & secondary education

    How much do you know about the primary and secondary education in the Netherlands? Learn about the Dutch education system, the school types, costs and more.
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  • Studying in the Netherlands

    Studying in the Netherlands

    Are you planning to study in the Netherlands? Learn everything you need to know about Dutch higher education and universities in the Netherlands.
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