Lawyers in the Netherlands: Property, Real estate & Rental law in the Netherlands

Lawyers in the Netherlands: Property, Real estate & Rental law in the Netherlands

Are you buying, building or selling a residence or commercial real estate and you are not sure about your rights and options? Do you have questions about real estate contracts or other agreements (e.g. sales, lease or rental)? Or maybe you have disputes with your homeowner’s association or neighbours?

Whether a buyer, seller, property investor, landlord or tenant, receiving quality legal help with real estate legal matters is crucial.

  • GMW lawyers can help with all aspects of property and tenancy law. From the purchase, sale, development or construction of a property, to administrative issues, tenders, public-private partnerships, homeowners’ association law, and apartment rights, we can work it out.

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  • Ms. Monica Timmermans is an experienced Amsterdam based lawyer, specialist in labour law and general contract law (including rental contracts). She has studied and worked abroad and connects easily with expats. 

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  • The AMS lawyers have gained a broad experience in advising and litigating for (international) companies and individuals, focusing on contract law, corporate law, employment law, insolvency law and real estate.

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  • Our solicitors are happy to assist you with disputes that you have in the area of rent law. This can be a dispute with respect to a rent arrears, a threatening eviction, nuisance by the neighbours, sublease or a landlord who refuses to carry out maintenance or transfer the deposit at the end of the lease.

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  • Experience top-tier rent law services with Legal-Expat! We offer fixed fee packages, boast a 5.0 Google rating, and have already helped over 500 expats. Get expert, affordable legal help today. Contact us now for peace of mind!

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