LinkedIn: These are the 15 best employers in the Netherlands in 2024

LinkedIn: These are the 15 best employers in the Netherlands in 2024

In the social network’s fourth edition of its annual Top Companies list, LinkedIn has named the 15 best companies to work for in the Netherlands in 2024. On top? Versuni, ASML and Rabobank!

Top Companies 2024: The Netherlands

LinkedIn, the professional networking website, released the list as part of its annual Top Companies ranking, which names the best employers in each country around the world. To do this, LinkedIn uses its own data and ranks companies on eight factors that showcase whether a firm offers rewarding jobs and supports workers during their career development. These are:

  • The opportunity to move up the career ladder
  • Skill development
  • Business stability
  • External career opportunities
  • Company affinity
  • Gender diversity
  • Education level of employees
  • Employee presence in the country

Companies with fewer than 500 employees and / or have laid off more than 10 percent of their staff between January 1, 2023 and the release of the ranking are not included in the list, as well as companies that fall under LinkedIn’s brand or its parent company Microsoft. 

Big-name brands make it onto the list

According to the ranking, the top three companies to work for in the Netherlands are Versuni, ASML and Rabobank. Versuni is the parent company of Saeco and Gaggia Milano among other brands, and specialises in the production of household appliances. They have offices in Brabantse Stedenrij, the Randstad area and Groningen. The most common job titles at Versuni are Project Manager, Software Engineer and Program Manager. 

ASML, the Netherlands’ economic powerhouse and producer and developer of machinery to make computer chips, came in second place. The company is frequently hiring Design Engineers, Software Engineers and Architects.

In the third position lies Rabobank. With offices in the Randstad area, Brabantse Stedenrij and Enschede and surroundings, the bank is one of the Netherlands’ best-known financial institutions and frequently offers roles in Finance, Business Development and Information Technology.

Top 15 companies to work for in the Netherlands in 2024

According to LinkedIn, these are the top 15 employers in the Netherlands in 2024:

  • 1. Versuni
  • 2. ASML
  • 3. Rabobank
  • 4. SAP
  • 5. EPAM Systems
  • 6. Nike 
  • 7. Kraft Heinz
  • 8. ServiceNow
  • 9. Medtronic
  • 10. AP Moller - Maersk
  • 11. KPMG
  • 12. Coty
  • 13. Miro
  • 14. Deloitte
  • 15. Uber

For more information, or for more details on how the list was created, check out the ranking on LinkedIn.

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