Working in the Netherlands

Working in the Netherlands

If you have relocated to the Netherlands, chances are you are looking for a job or have already found one. Even if you are an entrepreneur or you are volunteering (e.g. for an NGO), there are a few things you need to know about working in the Netherlands.

Recruitment agencies in the Netherlands

Relocating to a new country comes with a few challenges, especially if you don’t speak the language. Fortunately, there are many recruitment agencies in the Netherlands that focus on expatriates.

Career coaches for expats

Are you struggling with your new job, or are you simply looking to improve yourself? There are many career coaches in the Netherlands who specialise in working with international professionals. These career coaches offer training courses in personal development, leadership and more.

International companies in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to many international and global businesses that chose to set up their European offices in the Netherlands.

Salary, payslip and minimum wage

How is your salary calculated? How much tax do you have to pay? How do you read your payslip? Are you receiving a fair wage? Learn more about salaries, payslips and minimum wage in the Netherlands.

Dutch employment contracts

Time to sign your contract? Use the Dutch labour contract checklist to make sure you fully understand what you are agreeing to!

Working hours in the Netherlands

How many hours per week do the Dutch work? When are you considered a part-time employee? Learn more about working hours in the Netherlands.

Conflicts at the workplace

Do you know the correct procedures concerning workplace conflicts in the Netherlands? Can employers easily dismiss employees in the Netherlands? Check out the Workplace conflicts & Losing your job section for more information.

Taking time off in the Netherlands

How does sick leave work in the Netherlands? What about holiday, maternity and paternity leave? Find out more about taking time off in the Netherlands.

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