Dutch traffic fines

Dutch traffic fines

What happens when you violate the traffic rules when you are driving in the Netherlands? How much will you be fined? Will you lose your driving licence? It all depends on the offence - the more serious the offence, the higher the fine.

Administrative law

Most speeding offences and minor traffic violations fall under Dutch administrative law. This means you will not have to appear in court. The CJIB (Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau or Central Judicial Collection Agency) will send you the fine by post. You will have to pay your fine within eight weeks, and fines over 75 euros can be paid in instalments.

If you do not pay the fine in time, you will receive two reminders. The amount listed in the reminder will be higher than the initial fine (1st reminder = amount of fine x 1,5, 2nd reminder = amount of fine x 3).

Please note that the Dutch section of the website of the CJIB is for residents of the Netherlands, while the other language sections are meant for international visitors, not residents.

Criminal law

Serious offences, such as severe speeding or driving under the strong influence of alcohol, are subject to criminal law. For a number of common traffic offences, the public prosecutor can impose the penalties (penal order, strafbeschikking), which are generally fines, sent by the CJIB.

Please note that serious offences are documented, which means you will have a criminal record. You will also need to report any serious offences to your car insurer.

An indication of traffic fines in the Netherlands

The following amounts are an indication of traffic fines in the Netherlands (2024), excluding the nine euros of administrative costs.

Speeding violations

If you have committed a speeding violation, you will get a fine. The value of the fine depends on the road / motorway where you committed the offence and how many kilometres per hour (km/h) you were driving over the speed limit:

Within the built-up area
Km/h over the speed limit Amount of fine
5 km/h 43 euros
10 km/h 90 euros
15 km/h 169 euros
20 km/h 240 euros
25 km/h 325 euros
30 km/h 421 euros
Over 30 km/h Penal order (strafbeschikking)
Outside the built-up area
Km/h over the speed limit Amount of fine
5 km/h 39 euros
10 km/h 84 euros
15 km/h 162 euros
20 km/h 230 euros
25 km/h 308 euros
30 km/h 401 euros
Over 30 km/h Penal order (strafbeschikking)
Km/h over the speed limit Amount of fine
5 km/h 32 euros
10 km/h 79 euros
15 km/h 150 euros
20 km/h 216 euros
25 km/h 287 euros
30 km/h 368 euros
35 km/h 495 euros
Over 40 km/h Penal order (strafbeschikking)

Driving under the influence

The amount of a fine for driving under the influence depends on your blood alcohol content at the time of the test.

Blood alcohol content Amount of fine
Novice drivers: 0,22-0,80‰ 300 euros
0,54-0,80‰ 300 euros
0,81-1,00‰ 425 euros
1,01-1,15‰ 550 euros
1,16-1,30‰ 650 euros

Other traffic violations

Here are the amounts for other common traffic violations not mentioned above:

Traffic violation

Amount of fine

Driving through a red light

300 euros

Violation of overtaking ban

300 euros

Crossing solid line

180-300 euros

Illegal parking

120 euros

Illegal parking - disabled parking space

490 euros

Not giving way

300 euros

Driving without seatbelt

180 euros

Driving without an approved child seat

270 euros

Using a mobile device while driving

420 euros

Violation environmental zone

120 euros

What happens if I don’t pay my traffic fine(s)?

If you haven’t paid your fine(s) after the reminders, the CJIB may do one of the following things:

Licence block

Applies if you haven’t paid five or more traffic fines and received two notices for each of the fines. If you receive a licence block, it means that you will no longer be able to register licence plates. Your block will be removed once you pay the fines.

Money withdrawal

The CJIB may take money directly from your bank account, no more than 500 euros per time. You will receive notification of this (kennisgeving van verhaal).

Debt collection

If the CJIB calls in a debt collector, it means you will also have to pay the costs of the debt collector (deurwaarder), as well as the fine(s).

Driving licence suspension

The CJIB may take your driving licence. You will not be allowed to drive your car or motorbike for four weeks (inneming rijbewijs). You will be notified by letter.

Vehicle decommission

Before the CJIB contacts the police, you will receive a letter with instructions on how to pay your fine(s). If you still don’t pay your fine(s), they will ask the police to decommission your vehicle.


CJIB’s final measure is to ask the Public Prosecutor permission to send you to prison for a maximum of seven days (gijzeling). You will always receive notification by letter of this.

I disagree with my fine

Do you disagree with your traffic fine? If so, you can lodge an appeal against the decision (online) with the Public Prosecutor (in beroep gaan). If you lodge an appeal, you don’t have to pay the fine yet.

Don’t agree with the Public Prosecutor’s decision? You can appeal again, via the Subdistrict Court (kantonrechter).

If you don’t agree with the Subdistrict Court’s decision, you can appeal via the court (gerechtshof). Here is a list of expat-friendly lawyers that may be able to help you.

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