Car insurance in the Netherlands

Car insurance in the Netherlands

To protect potential victims, the Wet Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering Motorrijtuigen (WAM) was enacted in 1963. Since then, taking out third-party liability car insurance (WA) has been mandatory in the Netherlands. However, there are additional types of car insurance (autoverzekering) you can get.

Car insurance providers in the Netherlands

There are a few Dutch car insurance providers to choose from:

Types of car insurance in the Netherlands

There are three main types of car insurance you can get in the Netherlands:

WA-verzekering (third-party liability insurance)

Every car owner in the Netherlands must have at least third-party liability insurance. When you have a WA-verzekering, you are only insured for damage to third parties. This type of car insurance is the least comprehensive, which means it is also the cheapest car insurance you can take out.

WA+ / Beperkt Casco

The WA+ insurance, also knows as Beperkt Casco (limited comprehensive coverage) offers more than just third-party insurance. This type of insurance also covers certain damage to your own car, including damage to your windows, theft / break-in damage and damage caused by storms or fire.

Allrisk / Volledig casco

If you have bought a new car, it is generally advised to take out allrisk insurance, also called volledig casco. This is the most comprehensive car insurance you can take out. In addition to the mandatory third-party liability cover, this type of insurance also reimburses the damage to your own car, including damage you have caused yourself.

Car insurance in the Netherlands: what’s included

Here is a handy overview to show you what is included in the three main types of car insurance in the Netherlands:





Damage to others




Theft and break-ins




Window damage




Weather / fire damage




Damage caused by yourself








Additional Dutch car insurance

Besides the three main types of car insurance you can get, there are also a few additional types you may want to consider when you are driving in the Netherlands. They are the following:

Passenger insurance (inzittendenverzekering)

This type of insurance provides cover if you or another passenger of your car is injured or dies as a result of an accident. It also includes damages to personal effects.

Please note that passengers are covered by the mandatory WA insurance of the driver or that of the party who caused the damage, and medical expenses are usually covered by health insurance.

However, the advantage of this type of insurance is faster claims handling and payment. If you are the cause of the accident or if no one can be blamed, the WA insurer will not pay out anything, but with passenger insurance, the insurer does not look at who is to blame for the damages.

Legal assistance insurance (rechtsbijstandverzekering auto)

If you are in an accident, you might end up needing legal assistance. For instance, when there is a disagreement about who caused the accident. Please note that you can also take out legal assistance as a separate insurance, so make sure you are not doubly insured.

However, if you take out legal assistance cover via your car insurer, it is usually less expensive. Coverage is generally linked to the insured vehicle, meaning it does not matter who the driver is.

Road assistance (pechhulp)

No one wants to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, so making sure you are covered for road assistance is a good idea. There are various ways in which you can do this: you can arrange it through your car dealer, as additional cover to your car or travel insurance, or as a separate service.

No claim protection (no claim beschermer)

If you never submit a claim to your insurer, you can get a significant discount. However. once you have submitted a claim, generally, your no-claim discount will be void and your premium will go up. With this type of additional insurance, you can submit a claim once a year without it affecting the premium.

Special Dutch car insurance

There are a few special types of car insurance:

Oldtimer / Youngtimer insurance (classic car insurance)

If you are in possession of a classic car, it will need to be insured. Oldtimer or classic car insurance is cheaper than regular car insurance. Whether your car will be seen as a classic car by your insurer depends on a few things, namely the age, brand and the use of your car. Your classic car must be appraised at least every three years by a recognised appraiser. 

Caravanverzekering (RV insurance)

If you cause damage with your RV, it is often covered by your car insurance (WA) or private liability insurance (AVP). However, a caravanverzekering covers damage to the caravan itself. If you own an expensive vehicle, this is advised.

How to choose car insurance in the Netherlands

What’s the best way to go about choosing car insurance in the Netherlands? Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking around for Dutch car insurance:

Compare and review

First of all, it is advisable to compare car insurance quotes to find out which type of insurance fits your needs best. Don’t forget to read reviews of the insurer to find out if there are any complaints about them.


How high your premium will be depends on a few things, such as the type of cover you are after, your age, place of residence, car type, how many kilometres you drive annually and your driving style (generally, the more accidents you get into, the higher your premium will become).

Please note that younger people and seniors often have to pay more (or, in some cases, are not accepted), as insurers feel that they are more prone to cause accidents. Also, you are obliged to report any serious traffic offences (driving under the influence, for instance) to your insurer.

Terms and conditions

Don’t forget to carefully look at the terms and conditions of your car insurance. These can differ per car insurer. For instance, some car insurance policies reimburse the current market value, while others reimburse the replacement value or purchase value.


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