Financial advisors, consultants and services in the Netherlands

Financial advisors, consultants and services in the Netherlands

Having a solid and long-term financial plan is essential for expats living in the Netherlands, especially if they could be relocating in the future. It is therefore advisable to have a reliable financial advisor in addition to your tax advisor and mortgage provider.

Below is a list of expat-friendly financial consultants who offer internationals a number of financial products and services - from pension / retirement planning to wealth / asset management and from investment solutions to financial and tax advice about FATCA, BREXIT and more.

  • Beacon Financial Education offers a Financial Education Platform for Expats, providing access to a global network of independent financial advisers around the world.

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  • As licenced pension consultancy firm we provide high-quality consultancy for expats. We are specialized in international optimization. Our service is all-inclusive: We provide advice and control all aspects of the process in order to deliver the best results.

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  • At FVB De Boer we all have our own specialties, but what we all have in common is that we are easy to talk to and have a deep understanding of the hurdles that Expats encounter whilst living abroad. As a personal boutique office, we are able to serve all expats with their needs, whether this is a mortgage, investment plan or advice on insurances.

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  • We are an independent investment advisory firm licensed & regulated in the Netherlands. We are Europe’s first truly independent investment advisory firm dedicated to the specific needs of expats & international professionals. We provide expert goal-based financial planning, investment and retirement advice specific to your needs. We are expats too.

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