Mortgages for expats in the Netherlands

Buying a property (house or apartment) in the Netherlands can be a great financial investment, especially for expats. However, since internationals can never be sure of how long they will live in a place, it is important to clearly understand the conditions of their Dutch mortgage.

Here’s a list of recommended, expat-friendly mortgage providers in the Netherlands that can successfully guide you through the process of getting a Dutch mortgage and buying your dream home:

  • The # 1 company for financing your home abroad. The simple and fast way to your mortgage in The Netherlands. Over the last decade we have helped thousands of expats from over 75 nationalities. We make you feel at home!

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  • Finsens Mortgages specialises in financial planning for individuals and families in the Netherlands and provides full support during the entire mortgage process, from start to finish. As professional Expat mortgage advisors, we provide customized advice that fits your personal circumstances.

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  • De Boer Financial Consultants are financial advisors with a deep understanding of the hurdles that Expats encounter when buying a property in the Netherlands. We are specialised in expat mortgages.

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  • Independent Expat Finance is an intermediary providing customized financial services on Mortgages, Consumer Loans and (health) Insurances for expats in the Netherlands.

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  • Ever thought of buying a house? Visit for an overview of the pros & cons of renting Vs. buying and calculate your maximum Dutch mortgage, or come see us at our three different locations! A’dam 020 – 426 38 28 | R’dam 010 – 750 1 750 | The Hague 015 – 20 23 150

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  • A&H Finance is an award winning, independent mortgage broker in the Netherlands. Many client reviews on Google, Advieskeuze and Independer. Full support at very competitive rates. Call 020-4651951 or Contact us

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  • Mister Mortgage is a mortgage advisory and brokerage firm that specialises in serving international clients. We provide expert assistance with the home buying process. Make fully-informed decisions with Mister Mortgage.

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