The Dutch housing market

The Dutch housing market

Moving can be a stressful event, particularly when moving to another country. How do you choose where to live in the Netherlands? Will you go to the country’s capital, or perhaps to a smaller city? What types of housing are there to choose from? What about accommodation for (international) students? What arrangements need to be made when moving to another municipality? How does the housing market in the Netherlands work?

Choosing where to live in the Netherlands

If you are relocating to a city in the Netherlands (e.g. Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht or Rotterdam), there are many factors to consider beforehand. Here's a handy list on how to choose the right neighbourhood for your new home.

Housing types in the Netherlands

Will you be living in an apartment or a house? What housing types are available to you as an expat? And which one will suit you the best? Read everything you need to know about housing types in the Netherlands.

Student accommodation in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a popular destination for international students, especially since many Dutch universities are internationally orientated and offer programmes taught in English. If you want to study in the Netherlands you might want to read about student housing in the Netherlands. It explains what options are available to you and how you go about finding student accommodation.

Change of address

What arrangements need to be made when moving within the same municipality? And what do you do when you are moving to a different municipality? Who should you notify? And what should you remember to do when moving within the Netherlands? You can find the answers to these questions on our change of address page.

Home utilities

When you move into a house in the Netherlands, you often have to set up your own utilities. What are the rules? Can you choose an energy or Internet supplier? Find the answers on how to set up home utilities in the Netherlands.

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