Breda, The Netherlands

Breda, The Netherlands

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Information about Breda

Breda is city in North Brabant. The name comes from "brede Aa" (wide Aa), meaning the confluence of the Mark and Aa rivers.

Breda was initially a direct fief of the Holy Roman Emperor, not gaining a municipal charger until 1252. In 1327, it was sold to the Duke of Brabant and eventually ended up in the possession of the House of Nassau, passing to William I of Orange, who made it an official residence.

This presence of the House of Orange-Nassau attracted other nobles, who built many large homes, including the first renaissance-style palace north of the Alps. In 1534 a fire destroyed 90 percent of the city, with only 150 buildings remaining out of nearly 1300.

Sites & Activities in Breda

Breda’s historical role as a fortress can be seen in many of the buildings, including the Castle of Breda, which houses the Royal Military Academy, and the Kloosterkazerne, an infantry barracks established in a former monastery in 1814. In 1993 the military left and Breda’s popular Chassé theatre is now on the site.

There is also a rich religious architectural tradition in Breda, with churches from the late medieval period through to 19th century neo-Gothic buildings and 20th century churches in styles such as the Delft School, the Bossche School and modernism.

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