How to choose the right location for your new home

How to choose the right location for your new home

Looking for a house in the Netherlands? Have you chosen a suitable neighbourhood yet? If you are not sure what to look for, here's a list of some issues to consider:

Public transportation

Moving around

  • Are streets, sidewalks and alleys well maintained?
  • Is there allocated parking? How difficult is it to get a parking permit?
  • Is this a good neighbourhood for cycling? Are there sufficient bicycle lanes and stands?
  • What about the volume of traffic?

Local amenities


  • Is the area noisy? Is it near main roads, railway / tram lines or flight paths? Any bars and clubs around?
  • What is the condition of nearby properties? Are there any construction plans?
  • Are there any known plans for development in the wider area?


  • What is the crime level like in the area?
  • Is there enough street light at night?
  • Have there been past incidences in nearby parks?
  • Where is the nearest police station located?


  • Walk around the property. What do passersby say about the neighbourhood?
  • What are the neighbours like?
  • Does it feel like a friendly community?
  • Are there any churches or other places of worship close by?

Other issues

  • What are the local schools like? Any international schools around?
  • How far are the garbage collectors?
  • Is there any construction nearby or are there skyscrapers blocking natural light from entering the house?

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