Water supply companies in the Netherlands

Water supply companies in the Netherlands

Unlike energy (gas and electricity), the Dutch water grid is not privatised. This means that people in the Netherlands cannot choose their own water supplier.

How to set up your water in the Netherlands

As you can't choose your water supplier, setting up your water is fairly easy in the Netherlands. You simply need to sign up with your local provider. To find out who your supplier is, you can go to the website of You can also use a utility installment service such as EasyNuts or Utility Direct to effortlessly arrange all your utilities, including water, within a span of 24 hours, free of charge. 

Water supply companies in the Netherlands

Currently, there are 10 water supply companies in the Netherlands that produce and distribute water. Where you live will determine what company will supply you with water.

Water company Region
Evides Zeeland and southern part of Zuid-Holland
Dunea The Hague/Leiden
Oasen Eastern part of Zuid-Holland
Vitens Utrecht, Gelderland, Overijssel, Flevoland and Friesland
WMD Drenthe
WBG Groningen
Waternet Amsterdam
PWN Noord-Holland
WML Limburg
Brabant Water Northern part of Brabant

Don't forget to notify the water supplier

Have you bought a house and moving to a new address? Simply notify your water supplier that you are moving (then notify the water supplier in your new region). Most of the time, this can be done online.

Are you renting a house? Often, your landlord will have made arrangements. If not, notify the water supplier in your (new) region.

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