Home insurance in the Netherlands

Home insurance in the Netherlands

Did you rent or buy a house? Here is what you need to know about home insurance in the Netherlands:

Home insurance companies in the Netherlands

Here are some insurance companies that offer home insurance in the Netherlands:

Household contents insurance

Building insurance or residential premises insurance

How to choose the best home insurance in the Netherlands

There are many different home insurance providers in the Netherlands. So, how do you choose the best one? Make sure you do your research to find what insurance you need and suits your situation best. Some questions you might consider:

  • What is included in your policy? And what is excluded?
  • Are there combined policies you can take advantage of?
  • Is it easy to submit a claim?
  • What’s the cancellation procedure like?

Luckily, to make things easier for you, there are many online tools and websites available that let you do a insurance comparison, so you can find the best match.

Different types of Dutch house insurance

House insurance is a type of private insurance in the Netherlands. There are two different types of house insurance you can take out in the Netherlands; the household contents insurance (inboedelverzekering) and building insurance (opstalverzekering).

Generally, there are also two types of coverage when it comes home insurance: standard cover and all risk. With standard coverage, you are insured against damage or loss resulting from burglary, theft, storms, fire, and vandalism. The (additional) all risk cover also covers damage that you accidentally cause yourself.

Please note that, in general, home insurance in the Netherlands does not cover damage caused by war, earthquakes and floods. Often glass also requires a separate glass insurance policy (glasverzekering). Intentional damage to your possessions is always excluded.

Household contents insurance (inboedelverzekering) in the Netherlands

If you own or rent a house, it’s a good idea to take out household contents insurance (inboedelverzekering) to insure the contents of your home. This type of insurance is generally quite affordable.

What does household contents insurance in the Netherlands cover?

Typically, household contents insurance covers damage or loss relating to the moveable contents of your home, i.e. furniture and furnishings, valuable personal possessions, jewelry, clothing, electronics, cash and items in your garden or garage. So, simply put, the items you would take with you when you are moving.

What does household contents insurance in the Netherlands cost?

The cost of your household contents insurance depends on your personal situation (where do you live, how big is your family, how big is your house?) and the insurer. However, generally, you can get household contents insurance from 10 euros per month.

Please keep in mind that some insurance companies also require you to pay a deductible if you make a claim.

Building insurance (opstalverzekering) in the Netherlands

If you buy a home in the Netherlands, you are advised to get building insurance or opstalverzekering. While it is not mandatory to get building insurance, mortgage providers generally require you to take out this insurance when you apply for a Dutch mortgage.

Usually, when you rent a home, you don’t have to get building insurance, as your landlord will have taken care of it.

What does building insurance in the Netherlands cover?

Building insurance or opstalverzekering covers unexpected damage to things that are attached to your home. For example, damage to your walls, glued floors, roof, kitchen and bathroom (plumbing, heating etc.). Solar panels, the foundations of your home, and charging stations for electric cars are also often included in building insurance.

What does building insurance in the Netherlands cost?

As with housing contents insurance, your cost will depend on your situation (where do you live, how many people are in your household, how big is your house?). Generally, building insurance is available from 15 euros per month.

How to insure additional valuable items in your home

If you have a lot of valuable items in your home, it’s advisable to insure them properly. Valuable items are, for example, antiques, jewelry, art, computers and musical instruments. It’s likely that your basic home insurance package will not cover these items fully, as the insured amount is often limited. If this is the case, it’s wise to opt for additional insurance or kostbaarhedenverzekering.

Is home insurance compulsory in the Netherlands?

Is home insurance compulsory in the Netherlands? The answer is no, you are not obligated to take out home insurance in the Netherlands. However, it is advisable. After all, who wants to be surprised with costs relating to a fire or leaking pipes, for instance?

Can you use house insurance from abroad in the Netherlands?

This depends on your insurance company. If it's based within the EU / European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and / or if it does business in the Netherlands, there is a chance you may be able to transfer your policy from back home. Please check your insurance policy to see whether this is an option for you.

How to make a home insurance claim in the Netherlands

How to make a home insurance claim will depend on the company your policy is with. Each company has their own process. Often, it is possible to make your claim online. After you have made your claim, the insurance company will assess it. They may ask for you to send them additional information for their report. Depending on the situation, they may call in an expert. 

Please note that there often is a deadline to make your insurance claim, so make sure you do it as soon as possible. Also, it's important to always go to the police if you have been burgled, as this may help your claim. 

How to cancel Dutch house insurance

Typically, house insurance contracts are valid for a year. After this one-year period, you will be able to cancel the contract with one month’s notice. If you would like to cancel early, generally, you will need a very good reason. This may include moving or selling your home.

Please check your home insurance contract for the details of the cancellation policy.

Tips on how to get cheap home insurance

Here are some handy tips to get cheap home insurance in the Netherlands:

  • Pay your premium annually. Often this will enable you to get a discount.
  • Combine packages to get the best deal.
  • Compare your home insurance each year to get the best price. After all, your situation may have changed since you signed up.
  • Choose the right coverage. Do your research and make sure you are not overpaying for your situation.

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