Home utilities in the Netherlands: Energy, Water & Internet

Home utilities in the Netherlands: Energy, Water & Internet

There are many things to arrange if you are relocating to, moving to a new address or just bought a new house in the Netherlands. One of these things is setting up the home utilities, such as water, electricity, gas and Internet.

Energy (electricity and gas) providers

In the Netherlands, regional companies are responsible for the transportation of energy (electricity and gas). Since 2004, the energy market has been privatised. This means that you can choose your own energy supplier.

Water companies

Whilst you can choose your own energy supplier, you can’t choose your own water supplier since the Dutch water grid is not privatised. There are 10 water supply companies in the Netherlands.

Internet providers

The Netherlands consistently ranks high compared to other countries in the world when it comes to Internet coverage and speed. Internet providers in the Netherlands offer Internet via the cable, ADSL/VDSL and fibre optics. Learn more and choose the Internet provider that best suits your needs.

Phone line

Most Internet providers also provide "alles-in-1" (all-in-one) packages, which also includes a phone line. It is usually more advantageous to get one of these all-in-one packages. Find out more about getting a phone line in the Netherlands.

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