Private insurances in the Netherlands

Private insurances in the Netherlands

In addition to the Dutch health insurance that is compulsory for all people who live or work in the Netherlands, you can also opt for other private insurances. 

Residential premises insurance

Residential premises insurance is a compulsory insurance for expats who buy a house in the Netherlands.

Home / Household insurance

Household contents insurance covers damage caused by burglary, fire etc.

(Foreign) Funeral insurance

For those expatriates who wish to be buried in their homeland. You can compare different Dutch funeral insurances in English on

Liability insurance

Liability insurance protects you from claims initiated by another party.

Life insurance

Life insurance compensates your family in case of your death. Take a look on Centraal Beheer for more.

Motor vehicle insurance

Motor vehicle insurance is mandatory for all vehicle drivers (at least for third party liability). The All Risk insurance package covers pretty much everything but there are other packages to choose from as well.

Car insurance providers in the Netherlands:

Motor insurance providers in the Netherlands:

Bicycle insurance

Love cycling? Bicycle theft is a big problem in the Netherlands so be prepared!

Accident insurance

Accident insurance compensates you or your family in case of accident or death. For more, take a look on European Insurance (customer service in English; insurance provided by De Goudse Verzekeringen).

Legal assistance insurance / Aid insurance

Legal insurance covers costs of lawyers and other legal services, for example disputes such as social and labour issues, consumer conflicts and housing disputes.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is extremely useful for expats (and their families) who travel frequently. It covers the cost of flight cancellations, luggage loss and theft, medical costs etc.

Mobile insurance

Are you afraid of breaking or losing your smartphone? Take a look at Unive.

Pet insurance

There are different insurances for pets in the Netherlands. Some cover veterinary treatments while others also pay out when the pet is lost or stolen.

Income insurance

Covers loss of income in case of death, disability or unemployment.

Life insurance mortgage

Usually required for a mortgage. Take a look at Centraal Beheer.

Survivor insurance

The Dutch government offers coverage to orphaned children and people whose partner passed away. However, this supplement is limited and thus, the survivor insurance balances the loss of income.

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