Family & Kids

Family & Kids

Did you come to the Netherlands with your family or are you starting a family here?

Getting married in the Netherlands

Getting married in the Netherlands is simple, however, some paperwork is involved. First, you need to fulfil the requirements. If you do, you will need to give notice of your intention to marry, at least two weeks befor the actual ceremony. A registered and qualified member of the municipality must perform the wedding ceremony. Read more about marriage in the Netherlands.

Did you know that the Netherlands was the first country in the world to extend civil marriage laws to same-sex couples? Find out more about same-sex marriage in the Netherlands.

Partnership & Cohabitation

If you and your partner don’t want to get married in the Netherlands but you do want to legalise your relationship in some way, you should know that there are other options available to you. In the Netherlands, you can have a registered partnership or a cohabitation agreement.

Divorce & Separation

Is your marriage over? There are several ways to legally part ways in the Netherlands. Find out more about filing for a divorce or ending a partnership.

Pregnancy in the Netherlands

Are you having a baby in the Netherlands? Congratulations! Here is what you can expect when it comes to Dutch prenatal and postnatal maternity care and delivery options in the Netherlands: Pregnancy in the Netherlands

Registering a birth

When and how do you register a child born in the Netherlands? How do you register a child born abroad? And how do you obtain a copy of your child’s birth certificate? Find out the answers to these questions on the registering a birth in the Netherlands page.


Adoption of Dutch children is not very common, however, around 700 children are adopted from abroad every year. Read more about adoption in the Netherlands.

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