The Netherlands sees the warmest February ever recorded

The Netherlands sees the warmest February ever recorded

Last month has been named the warmest February the Netherlands has ever recorded, with average temperatures approximately 4 degrees celsius higher than normal. Added to that, many areas in the country also experienced two to three times more rain than is expected for an average February. 

Warmest February ever recorded in the Netherlands

The average temperature in De Bilt during February was between 8,1 and 8,3 degrees celsius, which is almost double the average of 4,2 degrees expected for this time of year. This tops the previous record of 7,6 degrees celsius, which was set in 1990. 

According to Weeronline, there were also a record 17 days with maximum temperatures above 10 degrees celsius experienced in the Netherlands last month, resulting in the country’s flora blooming a month too early

How was it so warm, you may be wondering? Southwesterly winds blew warm air over the Netherlands creating milder weather. Nights in particular were warmer than expected for a winter month, with average temperatures 6 degrees above what is normal for this time of year. 

The Netherlands sees one of the wettest February months

Paired with the warmer weather in February was a lot of rain. On average across the country there was between 110 and 120 millimetres of rainfall last month, which makes it the fifth rainiest February since measurements started in 1906. This also means that the country saw fewer bright days than normal, with only 50-60 hours of sunshine compared to the average of 96 hours. 

According to NOS, the gloomy weather caused problems in several Dutch cities. The groundwater level has been so high that there has been damage to grave sites in Eindhoven and Helmond, and there have been cases of people and animals getting stuck in quicksand in wet areas such as Waterland.

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