Coding & Programming courses, bootcamps and schools in the Netherlands

Coding & Programming courses, bootcamps and schools in the Netherlands

Want to learn a new programming language like Python, JavaScript or Java, or to hone your web development skills on a part time basis? Thinking of joining an intense online coding bootcamp or learning data science through specialised programming schools?

Whether you aim to become a front-end developer, a full-stack developer or a data analyst to advance your career, here are some of the best coding courses, programs and schools in the Netherlands and online.

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  • For individuals who want to learn new tech skills remotely. Le Wagon Online delivers flexible online tech training in Web Development & Data Science. Study from wherever you choose with live teachers, a best-in-class online learning ecosystem & an industry ready curriculum. Ready to unlock your potential? Start your tech journey today.

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  • What if you could learn in a flexible format, on an award-winning platform with a remote classroom environment, expert professors while carrying out a concrete project? What if that training institute had official partnerships with AWS, GCP, Microsoft and 70+ Fortune 500 companies? What if you launched your career in Data with DataScientest?

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  • Ironhack offers intensive online bootcamps in the Netherlands for Web Development, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, UX/UI Design, AI Engineering, Data Science & Machine Learning, and DevOps & Cloud Computing. They provide career services to help students find jobs, aiming to transform careers through high-quality, practical training and strong industry connections. Find all events here. 

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