Lawyers in the Netherlands: Labour & Employment law in the Netherlands

Lawyers in the Netherlands: Labour & Employment law in the Netherlands

Are there issues at work (illness and burnout, discrimination and bullying etc.)? Are the employment contracts according to the Dutch employment law (trial period, non-competition clauses etc.)? Are the employees’ rights protected (dismissal, severance payments, unemployment benefits etc.)?

Whether a business owner, employer, manager or employee, a specialised labour law professional can give clear answers and successfully safeguard you from costly cases regarding employment disputes and litigation, employee rights and benefits, and labour relations.

  • GMW lawyers helps employees and employers to solve problems at work, including: employment contracts, conflicts, redundancies, dismissal, termination, settlement, illness, labour conditions, non-competition, industry-wide pensions, human resource policies and liability.

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  • Noordam Employment Law provides legal advice and services in the field of employment law and has extensive experience advising and assisting expatriates.

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  • For all your legal issues at work and assistance with your application at the IND for residency and working permits. Van den Heuvel has worked for years for the IND and therefore has personal immigration procedure knowledge. Contact us!

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  • Ms. Monica Timmermans is an experienced Amsterdam based lawyer, specialist in labour law and general contract law (including rental contracts). She has studied and worked abroad and connects easily with expats. 

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  • The AMS lawyers have gained a broad experience in advising and litigating for (international) companies and individuals, focusing on contract law, corporate law, employment law, insolvency law and real estate.

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  • ScheerSanders' international employment lawyers can assist both employees and employers with matters relating to (changing) employment agreements, non-competition clauses, illness, disputes, settlement agreements, termination and dismissal. For more information, please contact Irene Lansen

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  • Mikipedia Advocatuur: your personal lawyer and guide specialised in employment law, tenancy law and liability law including personal injury. More than 20 years of experience, free first meeting and check of your legal chances, affordable rates and price agreements, Call +31614691082.

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  • Have you been fired? Did you receive too little salary? Do you want your non-compete clause removed or limited? Are you entitled to a transition payment? Or do you have a question about your employment contract? As we represent both employers and employees, we know from both parties what their rights and interests are.

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  • Elfi Lawyers has decades of experience in Employment Law. They are specialised in all legal matters related the employer-employee relationship. Employees and employers who seek legal assistance are in good hands with Elfi Lawyers. 

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  • Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam is located in Amsterdam, has more than 14 year experience in employment law, is internationally orientated and delivers specialized legal services for expats. An excellent personal approach at low cost sets Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam apart from the rest. Fluent in Dutch, English & Greek.

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  • Secure the best deal in your termination agreement with Legal-Expat. Expert negotiation support, fixed fees, top-notch service with a 5.0 Google rating. Over 500 expats assisted. Contact us now for strong, reliable employee rights representation.

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  • Are you facing dismissal? Or has your employer made an offer of dismissal? If so, contact our dismissal specialists right away.  Our lawyers are fully specialized in dismissal cases and achieve the maximum result for employees, for example, a good dismissal settlement with attractive severance pay.  We have more than 25 years of experience. Free 1st consultation. Call or email us.

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