Canal cruises in the Netherlands

Canal cruises in the Netherlands

Canals are an essential part of Dutch life so exploring the city from a boat is a memorable experience, whether you are a newcomer, a tourist or an expat. Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about boat cruises as well as some of the best canal cruises in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands.

The best canal cruises in Amsterdam

There are many canal cruises in the Dutch capital. Some of the most famous ones are:


Combine canal cruises with other major attractions in or near the Dutch capital

Yes, there are many special offers that combine canal cruises and skip the line entrance tickets to museums and other famous attractions and sightseeings:


Dinner options on canal cruises

Some canal cruises offer food - they can range from snacks to romantic dining options. Here are some special offers:


Boat rides in other Dutch cities

Yes, there are a few boat rides in Rotterdam, UtrechtLeiden and other Dutch cities:


Frequently asked questions about canal cruises

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about canal cruises:

Can I see the city via a canal ride?

Canal cruises are a great introduction to most Dutch cities as you get to see city highlights from a totally different perspective.

How long is a canal cruise?

Even though it’s called a cruise, these boat cruises do not last more than a few hours. The average duration of a canal cruise is between 1 and 1,5 hours.

Are there guided tours? If so, in what language?

Most canal cruises offer audio guides in many languages as well as earphones (or headphones).

Are canal boats covered and heated?

There are some open boat cruises and semi-open boat tours but most canal cruises are (partially) covered and heated. Note that warm clothes are a must, depending on the season.

Are canal cruises child-friendly? Are there special discounts for children?

Most Canal cruises are child-friendly and there are special offers for children. Note that in most cases, if you have a stroller, you will have to leave it in a supervised area before boarding the boat and you will get it back when you return.

Can you smoke on a canal boat tour?

As a rule, smoking is not allowed on canal cruises.

How early should I buy canal cruise tickets?

The sooner the better, especially in high demand periods such as holidays and during events and festivals such as Amsterdam Light Festival, King’s Day, Grachtenfestival and Amsterdam Pride.

How can I get tickets for canal cruises?

The easiest way to get canal cruise tickets is online: browse the websites in the links above and compare prices and services.

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