Company formation in the Netherlands

Company formation in the Netherlands

Are you an entrepreneur starting a new company or an experienced professional wanting to expand your current business in the Netherlands? Are you looking for business development advice and essential corporate services such as law advice (e.g. citizenship, licences etc.), taxation and accounting? Could your business benefit from recruitment or other services for your (future relocated) employees?

If you're looking for advice on start-up formation, small business growth, mid-size company establishment or multinational immigration, here are some specialists who offer a number services to suit your needs and help you to grow your firm:

  • Blue Clue Solutions supports international companies and expats who want to settle in The Netherlands. We take care of the entire process from the first foot on Dutch soil to the implementation of regulations and tax returns. With our advice you are assured of a carefree establishment in the pleasant Dutch business climate.

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  • Blue Umbrella has developed a successful business support package for small business owners or people that want to become an entrepreneur. We have created our own financial tools that we use to file your VAT, ICP, corporate tax, income tax and payroll tax. Throughout the tax year you unlimited access to our tax advisers when becoming a client of Blue Umbrella.

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  • Taxsight can advise you with setting up the right business structure in the Netherlands. Whether you are planning to freelance, creating a subsidiary for your excising company or setting up a payroll only structure in the Netherlands for an employee. We can assist to structure your business in the Netherlands.

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  • Starting your company is something we can get really excited about. We also understand that the start of your company can overwhelm you. Have you started a company? We will be glad to set up the accounts and tax filing. Our team is ready for you! We work with fixed fees, but simple questions are answered for free.

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  • Enty is a single Control Panel for back-office operations of European SMEs. You can orchestrate many business processes simultaneously: accounting, invoicing, contract creation, HR, and more. Run your company under just one subscription instead of tens and handle all processes in a single window.

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  • Elevate your business with DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including Dutch and international tax advice, transfer pricing, and representation. Our experts customize solutions, including company formation, leveraging deep expertise to match your unique needs.

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