Physiotherapy / Physical therapy (PT) in the Netherlands

Physiotherapy / Physical therapy (PT) in the Netherlands

Are you suffering from frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, Achilles tendon, scoliosis or rheumatism? Do you have neck, wrist, leg or back pain complaints? For all your physical complaints, physiotherapy is the answer!

The expat-friendly physiotherapists listed below are experienced healthcare professionals trained in diagnosing and treating acute/chronic injuries and joint and muscle problems with pain-free exercises.

No need for a referral from your doctor (GP) and the treatment is (partially) reimbursed by most, if not all, Dutch health insurers. Simply check their availability (including evenings and weekends) and schedule an appointment at your home, office, hotel or local centre!

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  • Book your physiotherapy appointment on our website. We deliver physiotherapy service at home and our clinic. You can call us or send a message/Whatsapp to +31850041428. We are open all week to help you in an emergency!

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  • Booking an appointment online with one of our physiotherapists in Amsterdam is quick and easy. FysioCity is covered by all Dutch healthcare insurers. We are open 7 days a week and you can book an appointment 24/7. You don't need a doctor's prescription. Book directly.

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  • Plexus Amsterdam is an established practice that has been treating people for decades in Amsterdam. With 6 locations spread throughout the city you will always find a practice located close to your home. Our therapists are highly skilled and have years of experience. A prescription from your doctor or specialist is not mandatory. Book an appointment directly online, or for further questions do not hesitate to phone.

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  • I am an exercise-based sport physiotherapist specialized in football injuries and lower extremities. I am not only a physiotherapist but also a coach that wants to teach you how to deal with pain even after we have finished our sessions together. All sessions and treatments are personalized as I believe that every body is different. You can make the intake appointment on the website directly. 

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  • Don't wait any longer to take care of your injury. Be surprised by how fast you can recover thanks to the latest treatment techniques. By looking at the complete picture, you will not only be pain-free quickly, but we will also ensure that your injury will not return. Book your appointment today.

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  • Thrive Physiotherapy consists of an international team of physios happy to help with any complaint! Whitney specializes in postural conditions, sporting injuries & chronic issues. Rosa specializes in pre- and post-partum training, injury prevention & menstrual cycle therapy. Treatments include: trigger-point therapy, dry needling, exercise & personal training. Book via our website or send a WhatsApp +31(06)42 379512.

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  • Are you looking for an International Physiotherapist? We speak your language (IT, ENG, GER, NL, ES). With our international experience and holistic approach we understand which type of treatment you are used. We create a treatment plan tailored to you with quick and lasting results. Contact us!

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  • JUNO is a health and wellness centre for women, founded by fellow expat Nikki Rowe. We offer a unique range of physiotherapy, manual therapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, yoga and rehabilitation services, in English. We have a holistic vision of healthcare and believe people should be seen and treated as a whole. Our goal is to ensure every woman receives the individual care she needs to be able to lead a healthy and happy life, throughout every stage of her life. Interested? Book an appointment here.

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