Dutch housing types

Dutch housing types

Choosing a suitable place to live in is an important decision for every expat in the Netherlands. There is a variety of housing types available. Which one suits you (and your family) the best? 


Renting an apartment is probably the best option for those looking for privacy. A self-contained apartment is ideal for professionals or even students but pricing might be an issue.


Renting a house is a wise choice for families and those eager to share a property with friends or colleagues. Expats should thoroughly examine the terms and conditions of the rental contract and provide guarantees regarding their ability to pay.


If you don’t mind sharing with other people, you could rent a room. You will have less privacy, but your rent will be significantly lower.

Landlord hosting

It is common for landlords or even families to rent out part of their house to students and young professionals. You might have to comply with the (strict) family rules but you will probably enjoy family-cooked meals.

Squatting & anti-squatting (Antikraak)

Squatting is illegal in the Netherlands but anti-squatting (or antikraak) is allowed. Anti-squatting can be a cheap and adventurous way to live while studying in the Netherlands. More info and a list of agencies can be found on our anti-squatting page.

Short stay

If you are not staying in the Netherlands for long, you might consider staying in a short-stay apartment. These apartments are fully furnished and often come with student- and business-friendly amenities, such as free Wi-Fi.

Student housing

Most Dutch higher education institutes do not offer on-campus housing. However, there are quite a few student-only buildings located around the country. Unfortunately, there are often a lot more students than there are rooms available. You can find out more on the Student housing in the Netherlands page.

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