Personal & Life coaches and consultants in the Netherlands

Personal & Life coaches and consultants in the Netherlands

Are you going through stressful (personal or business) life situations, or suffering from traumatic experiences or painful thoughts? Is the demanding, ever-changing expat life in the Netherlands making you feel depressed, confused, hopeless, or anxious?

Therapy / counselling in a safe and confidential environment can help you with your personal and / or career problems. Consult an experienced personal and life coach specialised in training internationals to improve mental, physical and social health and empower mind, body and spirit consciousness.

  • Live the life you want to lead, not the life you think you should. Anna Kmetova is a Co-Active coach for individuals who want the clarity & confidence to make impactful decisions. Redesign your life with a practical plan that celebrates your autonomy. Let’s get started!

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  • Feel that you need a radical change in your life, but not sure where to start? Transform your life through understanding and changing your mindset, emotions and behaviour. I offer in-depth guidance to clarify which direction you want to give your life and how to deal with life burnout! All types of academics, professionals and expats are welcome! Schedule your free Discovery session!

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  • Moving to a new country may trigger unexpected changes in our lives and in the way we see ourselves. Accredited coach Galina helps expats to navigate these changes and reinvent themselves in order to build a joyful life. Get in touch for a free introductory session.

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  • Feeling stuck, lost, overwhelmed, unsure where to go next? Drawing on c.20 years’ experience across different countries and sectors, Natália Leal offers tailor-made coaching paths for open-minded internationals. She combines tools from career design, positive psychology, CBT, neurosciences, to design coaching journeys that fit YOU. Free Discovery call here.

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  • Does your life look great on paper, but deep down you're still not satisfied? Have you lost some of your self-confidence and feeling stuck in the corporate world? Let me help you get excited about your life again. Take the Self-Confidence test.

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  • I am a health & stress coach, specialised in supporting career-focused individuals to improve stress management skills, performance, resilience, and overall wellbeing. I am using a systematic approach and coaching tools from positive psychology and performance coaching. Schedule a free consultation.

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  • Hero's Journey integrates legal and safe use of psychedelics to the spiritual coaching process helping fellow travellers connect with who they truly are and find faith in the unseen. If you are interested in the exploration of consciousness, want to connect to emotions and create deeper connections with others, book a free call to explore things further.

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  • Do you often find yourself wondering ‘what next…’? Do you feel like you’ve been on autopilot for a while & want to bring a new energy to your life? Then let’s recalibrate & optimise your current lifestyle through concrete & non-bullshit actions. Let’s have a free coffee chat together first.

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  • Have you been wanting to make a career change but don’t know where to start? Are you ready to find work that is more purposeful and joyful? I will help you get clear and aligned so that you can make more money, have more freedom and find fulfilment. Jaime is an American ex-pat and certified coach.

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  • Got your life pretty much in order, but is there something that just isn’t going so well? Patterns you can’t shake off? I help high-achieving expats to experience the same level of success in their personal lives as they do in their career. Book a free call for 1:1 coaching in The Hague or Amsterdam, or listen to my podcast This Expat Life.

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  • As a certified coach, NLP practitioner and yoga teacher Monika applies a holistic approach and combines different methodologies in her work. Her mission is to leave each coachee inspired and empowered to design and create a life fully lived and aligned with their highest purpose. You can meet Monika online or in-person, either in her coaching practice, or during a walk together in Westerpark, Amsterdam. Book a free discovery call online.

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  • Become the happiest expat you know. As an award winning holistic life + leadership coach, I support you with simple holistic tools tailored-to-you, so you can reduce stress + boost joy in a sustainable way. Together, we create your personalized path to happiness -- and make sure you know exactly what to do to keep moving forward on your own.

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  • Through life experiences we evolve. An Inner-struggle occurs when our deeply rooted old behaviors are not aligned to our new belief system.  Spiritual Life Coaching & Energy work help identify the blockages causing the disconnection and shine the light on your true resources for a more fulfilled life. 

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  • Are you feeling lost, stuck or looking for your inner connection? Clarity Coaching by Aneta Kanta helps you to unravel the chaotic mind, reach your goals and experience life from a place of trust, courage, and calmness. Aneta Kanta believes every single person has the ability to lead their desired life, and is here to guide and support you. Book your free intake call here.

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  • If you are thinking of creating your own job but you haven’t figured out how to get there, Marianna Kocsany - solo entrepreneur and career coach - will help you find the way. She has been running her own services for more than 6 years and has successfully helped many to materialize their dreams.

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  • Your life at the moment, is not what you want it to be. Thoughts and feelings about work interfere with your private life, and cause a bad mood, inability to be in the moment or feeling disengaged, unhappy. You want to find a way forward; to feel better, and be more confident about your future. More focus to make plans for yourself and also act on them, and rediscover your motivation. Is this you?

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  • Hi, I'm Shell Skobel and my approach is focused on improving your wellbeing when facing challenges such as major life changes, creating fulfilling relationships, and living your ideal life personally and professionally. I offer online coaching worldwide and in-person in The Hague. Our sessions will help you overcome challenges, reduce stress, and put plans in place to start living again!

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  • Are you sleep deprived? We are here to help! Learn the tools and gain the confidence required that will give your child healthy sleeping habits for life. While attending to their every need, you will develop a safe and supportive bond that lets your child reap the benefits of sleep for their growth as well as for your own mental health.

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    Are you feeling stuck because of inner saboteurs, imposters, and procrastinators? Renee offers a blend of Mindset Coaching & Rapid Transformational Therapy® based on neuroscience. She helps you train your subconscious mind to become your best ally in clearing mental and emotional blocks, so you can reach your full potential. Book a free call.

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  • I am an international certified coach & expat myself, with a track record in helping individuals to:
    › Review & reconnect your emotions and thought patterns
    › Support you to tap into your inner strengths and growth
    › Define your path ahead and create more positive impact
    Interested in executive coaching and mentoring in a safe and challenging environment? Get started!

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  • One of the greatest challenges of everyday life is how to be a good parent. Living an expat life with a family, moving abroad, and dealing with other cultures will bring extra challenges that need to be dealt with. With my parent coaching I can help you support your children in creating their new home in a foreign country, so that you will build more connection and experience enjoyment within your family.

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  • Are you missing something in your life as an International? I am an accredited life and career coach and have been an expatriate for half of my working life. I help internationals in the Netherlands who feel stressed and not entirely at home in their life or career. I will coach you in a tranquil outdoor setting, where I will help you rediscover what matters the most to you. Schedule a free discovery session now.

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  • If you’ve lost sight of your needs, feel stuck, or unstable, reach out. I am an internationally accredited Coach, Psychology grad, PhD in biology research. I offer a collaborative, compassionate, and evidence-based approach to help you identify and reframe self-limiting beliefs, so you can confidently build the life you now feel out of reach. Read more.

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