Personal & Life coaches and consultants in the Netherlands

Personal & Life coaches and consultants in the Netherlands

Personal & Life coaches and consultants in the Netherlands

Are you going through stressful (personal or business) life situations, or suffering from traumatic experiences or painful thoughts? Is the demanding, ever-changing expat life in the Netherlands making you feel depressed, confused, hopeless, or anxious?

Therapy / counselling in a safe and confidential environment can help you with your personal and / or career problems. Consult an experienced personal and life coach specialised in training internationals to improve mental, physical and social health and empower mind, body and spirit consciousness.

  • Sessions available online! Life and health coaching will provide you the right system, support and accountability, that will finally help you transform the old for the desired you. No quick wins but lasting change, that will get you back in control of your health, career and social life.

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  • Sessions take place in my studio in Amsterdam or via video call. 
    From awareness to sustainable change to reach your goals
    - Learn how to deal with difficult thoughts & emotions that are holding you back.
    - Personal growth & development. Clarity on the next step in your life.
    - Learn ways to communicate in difficult situations.

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  • Life is messy. And sometimes you get stuck somewhere or keep struggling with the same things. Miguel focuses on you as a whole person, including your job, personal situation, and mostly what you want to achieve in life. Through coaching with him you can find your personal mission, get un-stuck and feel at home with yourself.

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  • Are you feeling stuck in some aspect of life and unsure what your issue is? With Anna, a certified professional coach, you will work towards regaining your confidence and inner freedom and getting unstuck to begin leading an authentic and fulfilling life!

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  • I work with young professionals, academics, PhD students and anyone who wishes to change their personal circumstances. A new positive thought can entirely change the way you see the world and serve as the catalyst that propels you forward with ease and grace. During coaching sessions, we will co-design your roadmap to guide you in direction of your happy reality. 

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  • Moving to a new country may trigger unexpected changes in our lives and in the way we see ourselves. Accredited coach Galina helps expats to navigate these changes and reinvent themselves in order to build a joyful life. Get in touch for a free introductory session.

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  • Relocation, international or national, can affect your career/job transition cycle. Whether you are looking to re-enter the job market after a career break, or interested in exploring a change in path, Marie Dewulf can help you.

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  • Are you ready to live from your inner power? To step into your authenticity and create from there? Stop letting your beliefs and limitations get in your way. I can help you follow your own spark. Contact me for a free discovery call to talk about what my life & business coaching can do for you.

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  • Figen is a licensed NLP™ (Neuro Linguistic Programming) coach, Reiki Master, certified professional life coach and certified HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) professional. The NLP techniques help you to change your negative emotions, limiting behaviours and dysfunctional habits. SAFE CORNER can help you to create a new, powerful and happier life! Make your free intake appointment!

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  • You need help to achieve your goals in life? I use an array of communication skills to provide coaching services that give you the tools for success. From 1-on-1 consultations to group sessions, workshops and seminars. I'm telling you: "someday, we'll forget the hurt, the reason we cried & who caused us pain. We'll finally realize that the secret of being free isn't revenge, but letting things unfold in their own way & own time. So smile, laugh, forgive, believe & love all over again."

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  • Are you looking for ways to clear your mind and take steps in your personal or professional development?  Kickan is a certified coach and she offers you space to stand still, to reflect and translate dreams into clear goals and practical steps. Practice in Amsterdam and Haarlem, online and outdoor coaching.

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  • Are you facing difficulties as an expat academic?
    With 20 years of research experience in labs all over the world, I can offer support as an experienced expert and certified life coach.
    Sessions in English or Français / around Utrecht or by secured video link.

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  • Feeling stuck, lost, overwhelmed, unsure where to go next? Drawing on c.20 years’ experience across different countries and sectors, Natália Leal offers tailor-made coaching paths for open-minded internationals. She combines tools from career design, positive psychology, CBT, neurosciences, to design coaching journeys that fit YOU. Free Discovery call here.

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  • Do you long for more meaning and happiness in your life, work and relationships? Is it time to find who you really are and heal old wounds, so that you can move into a better, brighter future? Join psychologist Helen Edwards for coaching walks in nature. Located in Wassenaar, The Hague and Katwijk.

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  • With New Day Resolution, your journey starts here. With our life coaching program and motivation coaching, we can help you in all aspects of your life. Whether it is getting from where you are to where you want to be, when you need a bit of motivation, or an accountability partner to help you reach your goals, we can assist you. All sessions are offered online.

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  • Holistic coaching in Amsterdam in English and French. Sessions in person, via video call, during a walk or at my place. During holistic coaching we look together at all aspects of your life: environment, knowledge, emotions, intuition, behaviour, discipline, family, energy, physical and mental health. Through awareness you will find inner peace. Let’s meet first, without obligations, to see if you feel comfortable with me.

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  • Does living in a different country give you a lot of emotional stress and to your loved ones? Are looking for support in achieving personal goals, life plans, vision in life, outstanding self-care, relationships , financial freedom, organization, problems with your kids? Coaching with Will2flow makes space for processing all these emotions. Book your free intake session online and find out what I could do for you!

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  • Does your life look great on paper, but deep down you're still not satisfied? Are you currently working for a corporate company and feeling like you’ve lost yourself to the “big machine”? Let me help you create a more balanced and fulfilled life, while also achieving anything you set your mind to.

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  • Are you looking for someone who empowers and supports you to bring out the best in you? I help women that experience stress and digestive problems, who want to lose weight, gain energy and reclaim their health and joy. Together we will identify the factors causing an imbalance in your life and how you can overcome them.

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  • Change comes with challenges, even more so if you are an Expat settling in a new country. EloFlow offers a unique 4-in-1 coaching methodology that guides you to rediscover your authentic self, gain confidence and live a fulfilled and happy life. Tailor-made sessions are available in English, French, German & Dutch. Book your free session here!

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