Temperatures set to rise over King’s Day weekend in the Netherlands

Temperatures set to rise over King’s Day weekend in the Netherlands

Though we’re surely in for some more April showers, the weather is set to become warmer over the coming days, making for some potential T-shirt temperatures during the King’s Day weekend

Amsterdam to see temperatures of up to 15 degrees celsius on King’s Day

Many people are expected to head to the Dutch capital of Amsterdam to celebrate King’s Day, and they will be happy to hear that temperatures are expected to rise from the 10-degree-celsius chill felt earlier this week up to 15 degrees on Saturday. Sadly though, it is expected to rain, so even with the warmer weather you might want to grab your best orange rain jacket for the big day. 

In other Dutch cities, the weather is also expected to be warmer with some intermittent showers and temperatures ranging from a high of 14 in Rotterdam to 16 in the northern city of Groningen on King’s Day. In Emmen, where the King will be celebrating his birthday, temperatures are set to go up even higher to a maximum of 17 degrees, though there will still be intermittent showers throughout the day. 

Warm weather to greet the Netherlands for the start of May

Though the rain continues, the mercury is set to continue climbing into next week. On Monday and Tuesday, temperatures are set to rise to highs of between 17 and 19 degrees across the country. On Wednesday, the weather could get even toastier, with Amsterdam set to see highs of 22 degrees, Rotterdam forecast to bathe in 21-degree heat, and northern parts of the country expected to see temperatures of up to 23 degrees.

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