Schollenpop free music festival Scheveningen

Schollenpop free music festival Scheveningen

Aug 03, 2019
South Strand, Scheveningen
The Hague
Free until 3pm. After 3pm, entrance is €3 for adults aged 18+.

Schollenpop is an annual free pop festival on the south beach of Scheveningen

Schollenpop, a pop festival by the sea

Schollenpop stands for sun, sea, sand and live music. With its origins as a small beach party for a few followers, organised by six friends, the festival has grown beyond recognition. These original six organisers are still on board and have seen Schollenpop grow into a large-scale, free pop festival on the beach for people of all walks of life from The Hague and the world at large. 

Schollenpop free festival Scheveningen

Schollenpop programme 

The programme for Schollenpop is extensive, impressive and vibrant. Keep an eye on the programme page on the Schollenpop website for the most up-to-date information.

Come to Schollenpop

The route to the festival is simple and straightforward. Schollenpop is located on the south strand of Scheveningen near the harbour, which you can reach by tram 11 and 12 or bus 22. Admission is free. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit!

Schollenpop Scheveningen Schollenpop music festival Scheveningen