Scheveningen, The Netherlands

Scheveningen, The Netherlands

Scheveningen, The Netherlands

Living in or visiting Schevenginen? Information and useful links for students, locals and tourists.

Information about Scheveningen

Scheveningen is a seaside resort and one of the eight districts of The Hague. The earliest reference to the name goes back to around 1280, while off the coast of the village was the site of the Battle of Scheveningen, fought between the English and Dutch fleets off the coast of the village on August 10, 1653.

The first wooden building with changing rooms was constructed in 1818 on a dune near the sea, marking the beginning of Scheveningen as a beachside resort. Since then, Scheveningen has attracted sun-loving tourists from all over Europe.

The picturesque village has also attracted many Dutch artists over the centuries, to paint the local style of fishing boats (bomschuiten) and their fishermen in the North Sea.

Sites & Activities in Scheveningen

Along with the many beach activities that take place on the four different beaches of Scheveningen (beach volleyball, all forms of surfing, etc.), there are also the famous pier and the lighthouse, museums and the famous miniature city Madurodam.

There are also many annual events and festivals such as the very popular Nieuwjaarsduik (New Year’s Dive), where thousands of people jump into the North Sea to celebrate the New Year. There is also Flags Day, the first day of spring which sees the auction of the new herring.

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