Sunshine and summer temperatures on the cards for the Netherlands

Sunshine and summer temperatures on the cards for the Netherlands

It would seem that the Netherlands is (finally) going to be treated to a little bit of consistent summer weather in August. Goodbye rain clouds, hello sunshine!

Temperatures on the rise...again

According to meteorological website, weeronline, the Netherlands should see an extended period of high temperatures and sunny weather starting Wednesday, August 5. Wednesday will ease us into the potential heatwave, with temperatures of between 23 and 28 degrees throughout the country. 

Thursday, August 6, will see temperatures continue to rise, with temperatures as high as 29 degrees expected in Amsterdam. The south-east of the country could reach up to 32 degrees. The high temperatures are likely to continue into this weekend, with national highs of 35 degrees predicted for some parts of the Netherlands.

Weeronline reports high chances of regional heatwaves in Brabant, Limburg, the Achterhoek, and Gelderland. However, an official national heatwave requires temperatures in De Bilt (a town near Utrecht) to stay above 25 degrees for at least five days, with three of those days seeing temperatures above 30 degrees. Weeronline calculates the chance of this happening between August 5 and August 16 is around 60 percent. 

August 2020 in the Netherlands 

As for the rest of the month, many experts believe that the weather will remain sunny for an extended period of time, with temperatures likely dropping slightly as we head into next week. August typically marks the month with the warmest average temperatures, so there is hope!

So far, summer 2020 has seen relatively unpredictable Dutch weather, with a lot of cloud and a lot of rain, and only occasional days of more conventional summer temperatures. This past weekend, Friday, July 31 saw temperatures in the 30s across the country, and while the weekend turned slightly cloudy, the temperatures remained relatively high.

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