Executive MBA programs: Choose the right format for you - tips from Nyenrode

Executive MBA programs: Choose the right format for you - tips from Nyenrode


Whether you are an accomplished manager or a highly ambitious professional, an Executive MBA can make a world of difference to your career as an expat in the Netherlands.

Not only will it help you open more doors in the Netherlands, but an EMBA can also boost your personal and professional development, increasing your self-awareness, confidence and business acumen.

Choosing the right Executive MBA

That’s why choosing the right format and setup of an Executive MBA is key when you are deciding to commit to such a large personal and financial investment. Nyenrode Business Universiteit, the only private research university in the Netherlands, offers different Executive MBA programs to adapt to the needs and possibilities of professionals from different backgrounds:

Part-time Executive MBA

Designed around a unique combination of six two-week modules, the Part-time Executive MBA program allows you to fully commit to your learning and development in a boot camp-type set up.

Modules take place every three months, an ideal timeframe that affords students the opportunity to balance their professional workload with academic studies.

Two of these modules take place abroad, namely in South Africa and China at Nyenrode’s partner universities.

Benefits of the Part-time Executive MBA

The format of the part-time Executive MBA allows you to:

  • Fully immerse yourself in an intense MBA experience for set periods of time.
  • Immediately apply the lessons learned to your work (increasing the willingness of your employer to support you).
  • Build a connection with your peers that cannot be built by meeting them only once or twice a week (participants stay on campus for the duration of the modules).

Discover Nyenrode’s Executive MBA programs

Nyenrode Executive MBA programs: Choose the right format for you

Build your network in the Netherlands

The majority of participants in Nyenrode Executive MBA programs are Dutch. This allows you to immerse yourself in the Dutch business world, to grow your Dutch business network and to learn from the experience of other managers and professionals working in a broad range of industries both locally and internationally.

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