Explore Europe through your courses at Nyenrode

Explore Europe through your courses at Nyenrode


Doing a full-time MBA at Nyenrode not only prepares students for a career in business management, it also gives them the chance to explore Europe. Being an internal single market, and a centre of international business, the European Union is the perfect place for you to take your career to the next level and develop yourself personally.

Travelling Europe as an MBA student at Nyenrode


Hailing from America, Samantha Shurtleff is one such student who attended Nyenrode in the Netherlands to undertake a full-time MBA. During her studies, she visited several other European countries, including Milan and Paris. IamExpat spoke to Samantha about her trips to these countries, to find out how they benefitted her studies and exposed her to different perspectives and ways of life.

Which European cities did you visit during your time at Nyenrode?

As a part of our programme with Nyenrode, we visited Milan, Paris, Copenhagen and there is an upcoming visit to Oslo scheduled.

See European business from a different perspective!

What is the purpose of your visits?

During these visits, we had the opportunity to visit other business universities and companies based in different cities. This allowed us to learn about different industries and management styles across Europe. We also often had the chance to present to business leaders and apply our knowledge and experience to real-life cases.

How did these trips help you during your MBA course?

The trips helped me put European business in a different perspective. Each country operates a little differently and has different business norms. The trips allowed me to expand my education to different regions and learn how we may need to adapt to these different areas as business leaders.

Did the trips help you appreciate how business works in other countries?

Visiting other countries helped me to see some of the different ways that country culture also impacts business culture. I think it also shows the importance of getting to know the people you are doing business with to better understand some of the cultural nuances.

Which European city was your favourite and why?

I didn’t ever expect this to be the answer but I absolutely loved Copenhagen! To start, we had excellent visits to Copenhagen Business School and Maersk; they were wonderful hosts and taught us a lot. Outside of the school programme, the city of Copenhagen was a great experience. The people were kind, the food was delicious, and I just enjoyed the overall atmosphere.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of Nyenrode’s European experience:

Visiting other countries helps you to see how a country's culture impacts business culture

Would you recommend visiting different European cities as part of your study?

I would definitely recommend visiting other cities! I think it makes the study more realistic about how businesses operate in a global world. The travels really opened me up to new perspectives and it makes for a much more well-rounded experience. Even when I’ve had the opportunity to travel to other cities outside of the programme, I’m always looking at how the businesses are operating and any similarities or differences I see from the Netherlands.

Time to take your career to the next level… and to Europe!

Do you want to take your career to the next level, and travel throughout Europe while you do it? Nyenrode’s full-time MBA course is based in the heart of Amsterdam and allows students to learn in a truly international setting.

Nyenrode's MBA courses help develop students’ business acumen, management skills and entrepreneurial skills through a combination of academic theory, practical relevance and personal development. The full-time MBA course also gives students the opportunity to explore Europe through five different study trips during their studies, allowing them the opportunity to learn how to thrive in different business environments and take advantage of one of the most industrious and prosperous environments in the world.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career and explore Europe while you do it? You can find out more about Nyenrode’s full-time MBA in Amsterdam by requesting the all-new MBA brochure. You can also contact the programme advisor or even attend one of their lectures.



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