The new start-up revolutionising the Dutch fitness industry

The new start-up revolutionising the Dutch fitness industry


Many people in the Netherlands have been searching for exercise solutions that can accommodate their specific preferences and needs. Whether it's a busy schedule, a lack of personal attention or a scarcity in specific sports, more and more people required alternative fitness options that will fit into their lifestyles. That is when personal fitness instructors discovered a growing market of people who need their services. 

The current problem for athletes and trainers

However, athletes face numerous issues when arranging sessions together. Many athletes find that the existing options for both indoor and outdoor training lack personal attention and a sense of community. Indoor gyms are often also expensive while outdoor fitness possibilities are limited and scattered.

This makes it difficult for athletes to find suitable training options that fit their schedule, as well as the perfect personal trainer for them. 

On the other hand, personal trainers also struggle to streamline their business operations as they lack the support of a gym. Consequently, the trainers have to manually handle the invoicing, scheduling and communication themselves, resulting in inefficiencies.

Meet Jimme: Modern solutions for athletes and fitness trainers

This led to the creation of Jimme, an online marketplace and solution which aims to foster an inclusive fitness community. Launched in Amsterdam in 2022, Jimme offers a unique outdoor gym experience that combines affordability, community and a diverse range of exercise options. Whether you are interested kickboxing, strength training, or yoga and pilates, there is something for everyone. Jimme users can choose between group classes - with a maximum of eight people - as well as private sessions which tailor to your personal needs. 

On the other hand, the platform helps trainers to simplify client management, attract new customers and grow their business. The easy-to-use software allows them to streamline their business operations and enhance their services. It can also help trainers to expand their reach as well as manage their existing client base. Jimme also helps with administrative tasks such as invoicing, scheduling and communication, allowing trainers to focus more on delivering high quality fitness sessions. 

An affordable and diverse fitness platform

Jimme's subscription-based model offers athletes an affordable way to access outdoor training experiences. By eliminating the high costs associated with traditional fitness memberships, these personalised outdoor sessions become more accessible. Furthermore, the platform aims to create a space where people from various backgrounds can come together to pursue their similar fitness goals. 

Currently, they have over 60 personal trainers listed on their website and they will soon launch two mobile apps. One app is meant for trainers and instructors looking for a one-stop-shop solution to manage their clients and to help them grow their business. The other app is for customers who want a comprehensive overview of over 60 trainers who offer different workout styles and prices, allowing them to explore new training options in just a few taps.

Peer van Andel (27, Amsterdam) is the co-founder of Jimme and a graduate of the BBA programme at Nyenrode Business University. In this interview, Peer shares his experience combining his passion for entrepreneurship and fitness to start his own business. peervanandel-jimme-profile.png

What was the inspiration for Jimme?

That's quite a unique story because my business partner, Dillon, and I had the same idea for a business like Jimme but from different perspectives. He is a personal trainer and a semi-professional kickboxer while I am an athlete who regularly books sessions with a personal trainer. However, this makes us a great duo because we can approach things from different angles due to our backgrounds. 

Dillon recognised that there wasn't really a well-built software system available for trainers like himself to have an integrated scheduling and booking system. On the other hand, as an athlete I was searching for a flexible option to find sessions with a trainer.

Why did you choose to study at Nyenrode Business University?

Before attending Nyenrode Business University, I conducted research on various institutions which offered bachelor’s programmes in Business. I knew people who were already at Nyenrode as well as people who were studying Business Administration at the Vrije Universiteit (VU). That's when I discovered that the sense of community among students was much stronger at Nyenrode than at the VU. Right away, we were able to form and foster friendships, collaborations, networks and connections with teachers who all came from the business world.

At the VU, building strong bonds with fellow students didn’t happen as quickly or as frequently as many students had already formed friendships from outside of the university before starting their programme. It was also more of a self-study environment and collaboration was less common.

To this day, I greatly benefit from the network I established at Nyenrode. Even after I graduated in 2020, the people I met from my programme are still some of my closest friends - and I still keep in touch with the teachers from that time as well!

How did your BBA program prepare you for starting a business?

The Nyenrode BBA programme has provided me with valuable knowledge and skills related to entrepreneurship, which have been instrumental in creating my own business case. It aided in my understanding of how to structure the case and determine what information should be present in it.

Throughout the programme, we explored various aspects of business such as sales, marketing and communication, and finance. We also had the privilege of attending lectures taught by successful entrepreneurs who shared their experiences in the business world.

Additionally, the programme organised frequent business trips to countries like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and India, allowing us to gain insights into entrepreneurship on a global scale. In the final year of our study, we were required to apply all of our knowledge and develop our own company, putting into practice the knowledge we had gained from our classes.

What is more, if our business idea showed promise, there is an opportunity to join the Nyenrode Incubator, a shared workspace for entrepreneurial students and alumni. Here, you can learn from and support other like-minded individuals while leveraging the university’s extensive network.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of becoming an entrepreneur? And what was the most challenging?

What I find most beautiful about being your own boss is that you are fulfilling your own dream. Because if you don't work hard for it, there's no one else working for you to make your dream a reality. And when you achieve your first milestones, such as securing your first loyal clients, forming partnerships, or finally completing your product, it's one of the most satisfying feelings an entrepreneur can have.

The most challenging part, however, is juggling so many different things simultaneously, which can sometimes cause your focus to stray. That's why having a good structure and a strong team is crucial. With everyone having their own responsibilities within their respective areas of expertise, you don't have to handle every single aspect on your own.

What is your favourite sport and how does it help you in your professional life?

I'm a true sports enthusiast, so I engage in various sports such as boxing, running and bootcamps. I do this through my own platform, Jimme. In the mornings before work or in the evenings after work, I gather with my community of five friends and a personal trainer to train at the Museumplein in Amsterdam.

My fitness routine provides stability and structure, while also allowing me to clear my mind. Moreover, it helps me contemplate certain business aspects during workouts and see them from a different perspective. 

Get fit with Jimme

Want to join an outdoor exercise group, get to know other like-minded people and build up a thriving fitness community? Visit the Jimme website to make a booking. You can also contact their team at +31 61 490 4710 or for more information.

Find out more about Nyenrode Business University

For more information about Nyenrode’s BBA programme and their Incubator, visit their official website.



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