Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen

Aug 17, 2023Aug 27, 2023

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen is back in Groningen, presenting yet another great edition. With its heart in the city park known as the Noorderplantsoen, Noorderzon is both a performing arts festival and a summer city festival.

A varied summer city festival

Many international performers and theatre and dance companies come to the Netherlands, especially for the Noorderzon Festival. The performances are given in festival tents, on the streets of Groningen and in the city’s cultural venues. 

The festival started out as a small subsidiary of the famous theatre festival The Parade but expanded into a gigantic event in its own right, where theatre, music, dance and art collide. The park is transformed into a village of festival tents with a unique, lively atmosphere.

Noorderzon programme

There is such a wide array of choice that the festival organisers will give you personalised attention by email, helping you choose and giving tips on how to get the most out of the festival. The performance programme is as varied as it is impressive.

Writers and photo club

The writers and photo club are a unique part of the festival. After the festival, their writings will be presented in a book. As well as the official festival photographers, some up-and-coming photographers are invited to join together and share their impressions of the festival and ideas about each other’s work. The resulting book from the writer’s club will also feature images from the photo club.

Meet the artist

It will be worth sticking around after some of the international performances because the post-show interviews with the artists will be unmissable. "Meet the artist" sessions will be well indicated on the Noorderzon website.

Book your tickets

Tickets are already on sale. So, book them now on the Noorderzon website to avoid disappointment.