Liberation Day in the Netherlands could be the coldest in almost 30 years!

Liberation Day in the Netherlands could be the coldest in almost 30 years!

Dutch weather is certainly fickle. This year, Liberation Day on Sunday, May 5, could be the coldest one in almost 30 years! Time to get that thick winter coat back out of the closet it seems.

Best get that winter coat out

It looks like it’s going to be a chilly Liberation Day in the Netherlands, with temperatures fluctuating between 9C and 11C. Around this time of year, temperatures would normally be around 16C! If it isn’t warmer than 10C in De Bilt on Sunday, it will be the coldest Liberation Day since 1991.

Starting Friday, cold air from the north will enter the country and there’ll be rain showers, especially on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, there will be fewer showers, but this won’t make the weather conditions much better, unfortunately. On Liberation Day, some areas may even see some wintry precipitation, such as hail. South-Limburg may even see a little sleet.


Liberation Day tips

Last year, Liberation Day was practically a summer’s day; however, this year not so much. Here are some tips for celebrating and not catching a cold:

  • Wear a thick coat
  • A jumper wouldn’t hurt either
  • Waterproof clothing- if nothing else, just get a poncho
  • Waterproof shoes- no one likes wet socks
  • Bring an umbrella
  • Wear a beanie / hat- fashionable and warm
  • Just enjoy the day, the weather may be miserable, but you don’t have to be too!
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