4 reasons you should work in the Netherlands

4 reasons you should work in the Netherlands

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Whether you are currently an expat in the Netherlands or considering relocating to this dynamic country in the future, you will discover a place that not only provides exceptional infrastructure and a rewarding social environment but also boasts a wealth of career prospects. Karien from CVMaker presents the advantages of working in the Netherlands. 

Moving to the Netherlands can be an exciting experience, but it can also be filled with stress, challenges and overwhelming uncertainty. Not only must you learn to navigate new systems, but if you're seeking employment, you'll also need to adapt to different work cultures.

However, the benefits of such a move far outweigh the costs, as living in a country like the Netherlands offers tremendous personal and professional growth opportunities. This lively country consistently earns high rankings as one of the best places in the world for employees, primarily due to its comprehensive range of work benefits. Here is what expats in the Netherlands can look forward to: 

1. Work-life balance

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is highly valued in Dutch working culture. With a focus on employee wellbeing, many employers in the Netherlands provide part-time work options, enabling individuals to work fewer hours without sacrificing career fulfilment.

Moreover, the country's strong emphasis on breaks and leisure time fosters a supportive environment for maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Work flexibility is also common, with many employers providing flexible working hours that empower employees to tailor their schedules to personal needs. This level of flexibility is particularly advantageous for those with family or other commitments outside of work.

2. Plenty of English-speaking job opportunities

With a thriving international business environment as well as the highest level of English proficiency in Europe, numerous companies in the Netherlands actively seek English-speaking talent.

The diverse range of industries and sectors ensures ample job prospects for individuals seeking exciting career opportunities in cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen, Utrecht, and the Hague.


3. Efficient transportation systems

The country boasts a well-developed and extensive transportation network, making commuting and travelling for the holidays convenient and stress-free. With an advanced train system, reliable buses, and an established network of bike lanes, getting to and from work or exploring the country is remarkably effortless.

Expats can rely on the public transportation system to navigate their daily commute or seamlessly explore the beautiful Dutch cities as well as the countryside. This accessibility contributes to a better work-life balance and enhances the overall expat experience in the Netherlands.

4. Generous vacation time

With a minimum of 20 days of paid vacation per year - in addition to six to eight national holidays - employees have ample time to relax and explore. Some employers may even offer more vacation days, depending on the company.

This emphasis on work-life balance allows expats in the Netherlands to fully enjoy their time off, whether for travel, spending quality time with loved ones, or simply taking time for themselves.

Start your career in the Netherlands 

The Netherlands truly stands out when it comes to work benefits, offering a range of benefits for professionals seeking a fulfilling career. By embracing the opportunities presented, one can experience the remarkable advantages that await, ensuring a rewarding and well-balanced professional journey.

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