ASML to open huge new Eindhoven campus creating 20.000 jobs

ASML to open huge new Eindhoven campus creating 20.000 jobs

Dutch manufacturing and technology giant ASML has been given the green light to build a huge new campus located close to the Eindhoven Airport. The new campus will create around 20.000 new jobs, in addition to the 23.000 people the company currently employs in the Netherlands.

New ASML campus to spread on 50 hectares of land

The new campus is set to be built on 50 hectares of land, and will directly create 20.000 jobs in Eindhoven, as well as a further 50.000 jobs for local suppliers. Due to the size of the campus, the government showed some initial reservations given the large amount of resources required and the possible disruption caused by the project. 

PvdA, VVD, CDA, and D66 approved the plans after an extensive meeting last week, with GroenLinks-PvdA eventually coming around to the expansion. Construction on the project is set to start at the earliest in 2026. 

One-third of Eindhoven residents have concerns about the project

Despite the politicians having come around to the idea, many residents of Eindhoven are still unsure about how the company’s expansion could impact the local community. Research by Newcom for Omroep Brabant showed that a third of Eindhoven residents are concerned about how the project will impact the housing shortage in the city, and what city officials and the company will do to address this. 

Even with the hesitation from some residents, almost half of the locals support the location chosen by the company and are positive about their expansion plans.

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TolgaYılmaz2 08:15 | 5 July 2024

It is always a bad idea to collect the whole big work industries in the same place. The rents, house prices all together will hike, infrastructure will be fragile. I think ASML should consider to open offices across nearby ,at least, cities.