These are the most in-demand jobs in the Netherlands in 2024

These are the most in-demand jobs in the Netherlands in 2024

Employment agency Randstad has released a list of the most in-demand jobs in the Netherlands in 2024. The company found that there are 45 professions in demand across 15 key sectors including administration, agriculture and technology. 

Randstad’s 45 most in-demand jobs in the Netherlands in 2024

According to Randstad, 45 different jobs are in the highest demand in the Netherlands in 2024, across 15 different employment sectors. These sectors are: Administrative, secretarial and HR, Agriculture, Analysis, Research and Development, Catering and recreation, Construction, Customer service, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Information and communication technology (ICT), Public Administration, Justice and Security, Sales, Marketing and Communications, Technology, Transport and Logistics, and Welfare and Well-being. 

Within each of these sectors, the company named the three professions in the greatest demand in the Netherlands. Overall, the recruitment firm noted that there has been an increase in the number of vacancies for people who completed an MBO (secondary vocational education) such as roles for car mechanics, cooks and gardeners. 

Data engineers, truck drivers and opticians wanted!

Some of the most in-demand jobs in the ICT sector include systems administrator, ICT project leader and data engineer jobs. In the Public Administration sector, the Netherlands is hunting for Special Enforcement Officers (BOAs), assistant police officers and lawyers, while the Technology sector wants to hire more car mechanics, electrical engineers and technical service employees. 

As sustainability continues to play a bigger role in Dutch society, there are also many new jobs in the Netherlands’ massive agriculture industry. Cultivation workers, gardeners and groundskeepers are in demand, but in the Research and Development sector, there is also a strong demand for soil analysts, sustainability advisors and environmental project leaders. 

The 45 most in-demand jobs in the Netherlands in 2024

According to Randstad, these are the 45 most in-demand jobs in the Netherlands in 2024:

Administrative, secretarial and HR

Agricultural and green

  • Cultivation employee
  • Gardener
  • Groundskeeper

Analysis, research and development

  • Sustainability advisor
  • Soil advisor
  • Environmental project leader

Catering and recreation

  • Catering employee
  • Self-employed chef
  • Cook


  • Refrigeration engineer
  • Painter
  • Plumber

Customer service

  • Dispatcher
  • Desk clerk
  • Internal sales account manager


  • Group teacher
  • Assistant professor
  • Physical education teacher


  • Tax advisor
  • Financial controller
  • Claims handler


  • Doctor not in specialist training (ANIOS)
  • Pharmacy assistant
  • Optician

Information and communication technology (ICT)

  • System administrator
  • ICT project leader
  • Data engineer

Public administration, justice and security

  • Special investigation officer (BOA)
  • Assistant police officer (surveillant)
  • Lawyer

Sales, marketing and communications

  • Account manager
  • Branch manager
  • Gas station sales employee


  • Car mechanic
  • Electrical engineer
  • Technical service employee

Transport and logistics

  • Newspaper deliverer
  • Truck driver
  • Warehouse manager

Welfare and well-being

  • Individual health caregiver
  • Care assistant
  • Pedagogical childcare worker

For more information, visit the Randstad website.

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