House of Companies: Helping you to start your business right!

House of Companies: Helping you to start your business right!


Are you an expat with an entrepreneurial mindset? If you are planning on starting a Dutch business, there are many things to consider. Especially if you also have to worry about your work permit.

House of Companies is specialised in dealing with expats and global entrepreneurs of all kinds. So, if you are relocating your business to the Netherlands due to Brexit or planning to expand your business, House of Companies is here to help!

If you’re already based in the Netherlands (for example, as a highly skilled migrant), House of Companies can assist you in making the transition from employee to entrepreneur!


Company formation for expats in the Netherlands

Since 2007, House of Companies has helped many digital nomads and global entrepreneurs with the formation of their Dutch business. Their team can help you determine what company structure suits you best and make sure you are guided through the process from A to Z, all while following a clear timeline.

Hosue of Companies has experience in the formation of all types of Dutch Limited Companies and the registration of branch offices on behalf of overseas companies. Over the last 10 years, House of Companies has set up more than 1.000 companies!

Obtaining residency

House of Companies can assist you in the process of obtaining legal residency, which can help you (or your staff) to become eligible for a work permit in the Netherlands. You may want to obtain a startup visa, ICT work permit or a highly skilled migrant work permit. Get in touch to find out which solution suits your situation best.

Bookkeeping requirements

House of Companies can give you a full overview of the tax requirements you need to consider, including tax incentives (such as the 30% ruling) that you or your company might be eligible for. Their team can also perform complete bookkeeping services and take care of your income tax returns.

Brexit scenario planning

The Netherlands is a very popular destination for companies that are affected by Brexit. House of Companies has assisted many entrepreneurs to prepare for Brexit, in order to make sure their company maintains European residency and complies with EU regulations. Whatever your situation, House of Companies can inform you on the easiest way to start or maintain your Dutch business.

The start is only the beginning

House of Companies continues its services beyond the point where most other companies would stop. Their company believes that each serious business will go through three phases within the first years: the startup, support and growth phase. House of Companies can help you set up and grow your business, as well as maintain it by offering administrative support with their business consultancy services.

“It is sometimes hard to find a partner that understands what challenges expats are confronted with on a daily basis. The expat team from House of Companies knows, from their own experience, and will be there to help you start your company. Every step of the way.” - Dennis Vermeulen, CEO at House of Companies.


How to get started

It is easy! Reach out to House of Companies via the button below and one of their Expat Experts will be in touch. After conducting an extensive intake questionnaire to determine your goals and wishes, House of Companies will present you with a timeline and plan with transparent pricing. Your company can be up and running within days!

You can also join their Incubation for Startups and become a part of their group of entrepreneurs; start a Dutch business on the same day and get connected to the right parties to grow your business! 



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