Why you should start your business in the Netherlands

Why you should start your business in the Netherlands


Over the past few years, the Netherlands has become one of the most sought-after business destinations thanks to various incentives granted by the Dutch government, and to the country’s good rankings in prestigious indexes and reports. Those who want to move to the Netherlands to start their business here have many good reasons to do so.

Taxation favours foreign investors

One of the many reasons for why the Netherlands is a good country to start your business in is the Dutch taxation system, which favours foreign direct investments.

Minimise your taxes

Those who want to minimise their taxes in the Netherlands may benefit from various incentives when setting up a specific type of company. The limited liability company is one of the most suitable options for this very purpose. Another way foreign business people can minimise their taxes is by investing in certain industries.

The Dutch taxation system favours foreign direct investments


From a taxation point of view, the Netherlands is unique thanks to its allowances offered to those moving here. Housing benefits and tax deductions for spouses are just two of the many allowances worth mentioning. Foreign investors interested in finding out more about the incentives and the rules related to opening a business abroad should contact an experienced immigration attorney in the Netherlands.

The easiness of starting a business

It is worth noting that the Netherlands ranks as one of the easiest European countries to start a company in, according to the World Bank. The company registration process can be completed in a matter of days, thanks to the advanced online system put at the disposal of investors by the Dutch government. Also, foreign enterprises do not need to fulfil any other requirements other than obtaining residence permits if they also want to move here.

Access to a large talent pool

Compared to other European countries, in which access to the local workforce is difficult, the Netherlands is just the opposite: access to talented, multi-language and skilled personnel is quite easy. This is because the Netherlands attracts many young individuals from neighbouring countries.


The Netherlands is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, which is why it relies on new industries, in addition to the traditional ones. So, those interested in innovation will find it easy to develop their activities here.

Attracting investors

There are many reasons for choosing the Netherlands as the destination in which you set up your company, it all depends if there is an investor interested in your business. Despite being a small country, the Netherlands is one of the most prolific economies in the world, which attracts many investors.

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