Get involved, volunteer with your colleagues!

Get involved, volunteer with your colleagues!


One of the reasons that Amsterdam attracts big international companies is because it’s a vibrant home-away-from-home for many international employees. Amsterdam’s work-life balance is amongst the world’s best and its residents form part of a well-connected international community. Yet despite being a hub of knowledge and capital, people here also experience poverty, inequality and loneliness while society struggles for more social integration and environmental sustainability.

But there’s good news. We can all contribute to making changes for the better in our city and the world. And we’re counting on organisations in Amsterdam to get involved.

How can companies get involved?

Get your company to become Business Involved. This new online platform is a place for companies and their employees to find volunteer work and activities that have a positive impact on Amsterdam and the region. These opportunities are curated to match people’s individual skills and aspirations while also reflecting your company’s social values.

What Business Involved offers

Whatever you do, Business Involved strives for a win-win-win. You become an integral part of an Amsterdam community. Your company gives back to society. The world becomes a fairer, happier or more sustainable place.

Some ways Business Involved helps employees get involved include:

Doing volunteer work, regularly or as a one-off occasion

For example, help a food organisation build a fence for their garden or play a game with nursing home residents every Friday afternoon.

Sharing your knowledge and expertise

For example, serve as the social media manager for a nature club or lead a teambuilding session for an organisation that supports low-income families.

Ready to get started?

On December 7, the national “Day of the Volunteer”, Business Involved is hosting an in-person meetup at Equals Amsterdam to celebrate their one-year anniversary! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to celebrate their collective impact to date, ask any burning questions and find the perfect cause for your team to get behind.

  • What: In-person meetup Business Involved
  • Where: Equals Amsterdam (Raamgracht 6, 1011 HZ, Amsterdam)
  • When: 3:30pm to 6pm

Register now!

Can't make it to the in-person meeting? To get involved, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to
  • Register your company and create a profile
  • Share the platform with your company’s employees
  • Inform and inspire employees about the value of volunteering
  • Provide space and time for employees to get involved

Wait! There’s more…

What volunteering does for your company

Here is what volunteering could do for your company:

  • Strengthens your labour market image
  • Attracts and retains employees
  • Encourages employees to grow and develop in informal learning settings
  • Reinforces HR values, such as diversity and inclusion

What employees volunteer for most:

  • Causes that interest them
  • Causes they feel passionate about
  • Organisations or projects whose mission they feel a personal connection to
  • Organisations or projects requiring work they want to do

Sustainable Development Goals

By working together, government, businesses and social organisations can maximise their efforts to reach the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Their unique platform allows you to filter volunteering opportunities by the SDGs that best align with your company, from climate action to good health and wellbeing and everything in between.

Besides matching people with curated volunteering opportunities, Business Involved offers companies information sessions and tailor-made advice. Whatever the CSR policy, company strengths and capacities, they are ready to help you define and pursue ways to have a positive impact on Amsterdam and the region.

Get in touch

Want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact Business Involved via [email protected].



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