Meet other internationals at Amsterdam International Community events

Meet other internationals at Amsterdam International Community events


Amsterdam International Community (AIC) is active in providing expats with valuable advice and support while settling into their new lives in Amsterdam and hopes to make their stay pleasant for the years to come! They strive to organise fun and diversified activities to keep the community engaged and welcomes them to actively participate.

AIC is a space for inspiration, connection and belonging. This community group organises many different social events and information sessions. They are eager to share tips to support you in enjoying life in this cosmopolitan city.

The fastest growing expat community in the Netherlands

Every week AIC welcomes dozens of members to its network, making it the fastest growing expat community in the Netherlands! Members who join AIC become part of a vibrant network of like-minded people where internationals can share ideas and contribute with their knowledge and experience .

People trust AIC and this is clear to see, judging by the impressive amount of people who keep coming back for more! Engagement is very high thanks to the series of events and activities hosted weekly.

Amsterdam International Community event

What does AIC do?

On a weekly basis, AIC hosts a range of networking and social events at various locations where expats and locals gather to create valuable connections and foster new friendships. The AIC events are always conducted in a friendly and welcoming environment. They are known for being inclusive and open to people of different nationalities and backgrounds.

Amsterdam International Community events include:

  • Drinks & Parties: Get-togethers with drinks and dancing
  • Language Exchange: Meetups to share and gain language knowledge and experience
  • Fitness & Social: Trampoline Dodgeball and Jumpfit
  • Fun & Shows: Several Standup Comedy Nights, International Pub Quizzes, Magic shows, Expat Movie Nights,  Karaoke, Game Nights and more

Amsterdam International Community AIC

The AIC Card is now available

AIC gives support to expats so that they can quickly and comfortably integrate into the international society of Amsterdam. One important way that AIC can help make things easier for expats is the use of the AIC card. The card was created with AIC's most loyal members in mind, offering access to events, special discounts and other perks.

Subscribe for a three-month membership and attend multiple AIC events at a bargain price! You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Join Amsterdam International Community

New arrival? Looking for a community of other expats, fun events or some help with getting your bearings? Then what are you waiting for!? Join Amsterdam International Community where you'll be able to meet other expats, attend social events and gain valuable advice and support while settling in.

Discover the Amsterdam International Community on social media channels Instagram, Facebook and Meetup, and sign up for their newsletter. If you'd like to join their WhatsApp group, then sign up via the contact form.



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