Gezellige Zaken Food Festival

Gezellige Zaken Food Festival

May 10, 2024May 12, 2024
Den Bosch
Free admission

One of the best food festivals in the Netherlands, Gezellige Zaken, is returning on Ascension weekend this May 10-12 in Den Bosch with delicious food.

What is Gezellige Zaken

Gezellige Zaken, which loosely translates into "the Cosy Business" is a food festival that consists of lovely restaurants that prepare scrumptious dishes for the visitors. Focusing on small bites, the dishes cost a maximum of 8,50 euros and access to the event is free. The festival takes place in the historic Uilenburg entertainment area of Den Bosch.

Stalls of food can be found on the streets of Sint Jansstraat, Sint Janssingel, Molenstraat, Korenbrugstraat, and Lepelstraat. With everything from classic Dutch food to international delights, the culinary options at this event are endless. And of course, paired perfectly with a pint of beer

Attendees of the Gezellige Zaken Food Festival

The following restaurants will be attending the event:

  • Carras Bites
  • Oester Wijf
  • Auberge de Veste
  • De Stip
  • Allerlei & Visserij
  • Bistro Bob
  • Brasserie & Bob
  • Keershuys
  • Bierbistro Groote Genoegen
  • Hello My Friend
  • Breton Sur Place
  • Foodmarkt De Fam

The best way to celebrate Ascension Weekend

Looking for what to do on Ascension Weekend? Head over to the official Gezellige Zaken Food Festival website for more information on the attendees and how to visit the event. For the quick updates about the event, visit the festival's Facebook page.