TU Delft: New studenthousing on campus

A new residential complex on the Rotterdamseweg, which provides accommodation for 267 students, was officially opened on November 5th, 2010. In a few months’ time, a further 95 student residences will be opened at Mijnbouwplein.

Paul Rullmann, Vice-President of TU Delft’s Executive Board, notes that "There is still a shortage of student accommodation, but our efforts to deal with it are right on track. This is essential if we are to continue to be an attractive university for students from the Netherlands and elsewhere." Last year, TU Delft and DUWO (the housing agency that is used by the university) reached agreement on the development of around 1.000 additional new student residences on the TU Delft campus. Earlier this week, the City of Delft presented the results of an Environmental Impact Assessment study showing that the "most environmentally friendly alternative" for further development of the TU Delft area provides for three thousand student residences. The student hall on the Rotterdamseweg was built by DUWO, together with the Woonbron2-duizend foundation, which is based at Reuver in the province of Limburg.

Students from TU Delft and both universities of applied sciences took up residence in this building in September. The hall of residence has 202 rooms with en-suite bathrooms, and 65 with shared facilities. There are also three large common areas, equipped with kitchens, which open onto a spacious courtyard furnished with benches, an area paved in richly contrasting hues, and plant-covered pillars to provide light during the evening. Beneath the complex, there is a sunken basement containing a garage, a bicycle storage area, and storage facilities. The residents no longer need to take their dirty laundry home at weekends, instead they can wash their clothes in one of the building’s two laundrettes. In addition to expanding our housing capacity, this complex - and others that are still under development - provide more diverse types of accommodation. We now have many different types of housing in various price ranges, which gives students a greater range of choice.

Source: TU Delft



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