Help your kids brush up on their language skills with Regina Coeli

Help your kids brush up on their language skills with Regina Coeli


In the Netherlands, it’s quite normal for children to learn foreign languages. Traditionally, the Netherlands has been oriented towards international trade, so it’s wise to be able to make yourself understood in several languages. English lessons start in primary school, and in secondary school, youths also usually learn German, French and sometimes another language.

Expat children

Expat children often pick up languages very intuitively because they hear the language all around them. They learn Dutch or English fairly quickly by talking to friends and classmates. If they want to study at a Dutch university later on, however, it pays to learn to speak the language at a higher level.

Boost your children's language skills at Language Institute Regina Coeli

Individual language training for youths

Young people who want to learn an additional language, perfect their language skills or find learning foreign languages difficult, can now take language courses at Regina Coeli. They will receive private lessons from native speakers either online or during special language weekends in Vught.

Regina Coeli’s unique teaching method makes it possible for everyone to learn to speak a foreign language well!

Actively learn a language

It’s best to learn languages by actively using them in ways that are meaningful to you and at your own level. At Regina Coeli, this translates to the following method:

A detailed intake interview

Each student has a personal conversation with a language trainer beforehand. During this conversation, their current and desired levels will be mapped out, as well as their interests and what particular kinds of situations they need the language for. One of the parents also joins the intake interview.

Individual lessons

During the lessons, students focus on their goals, their level and the situations in which they use the language. Above all, they speak the language a lot and are corrected by the trainer. The fact that their lessons are individual makes this all possible.

Native speakers

Students are always taught by native speakers at Regina Coeli. Not only for language reasons, but also so students get a better feel for the culture.


It helps if students get into a flow that draws them more and more into the language. The best way to achieve this is by planning lessons close together.

Alongside school

Youths cannot just take a few days off from school and their homework. What works well with a busy schedule is to plan in two individual online lessons per week. At Regina Coeli, students have the opportunity to follow lessons in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.

Are you interested in an online training course or a language weekend? For more information, contact Regina Coeli online or call +31 (0) 73 684 87 90.



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