Regina Coeli: Come up for air with a part-time immersive Dutch course

Regina Coeli: Come up for air with a part-time immersive Dutch course


You’ve probably already heard: one of the fastest routes to speaking fluent Dutch is to go to Regina Coeli for a number of weeks. And if you don’t have the time or money for several weeks, you can even make quite a lot of progress in just one week. The private lessons with native speakers, the variety and the learning flow you come into all ensure that you learn the language efficiently at the Language Institute Regina Coeli also known as “the Nuns of Vught”.

Learn Dutch with the Nuns of Vught

Regina Coeli: An immersive learning environment

Yet while immersing yourself in Dutch for a whole week is certainly highly effective, it can be difficult for some people to arrange. They might not be able to take a full week off work, struggle to combine it with their childcare arrangements or find the idea of an entire week of studying a bit too daunting. For this reason, an increasing number of Regina Coeli students are opting for the part-time variant of the intensive week.

Part-time study with full-time results

The part-time training programme at Language Institute Regina Coeli is structured so you can achieve the same results as you would in an intensive week. Instead of cramming everything into one week of study, the part-time programme has two training blocks in short succession from Wednesday to Friday at the language institute in Vught.

Between those training blocks, you have time to let the material sink in and put it to use in the real world. That experience pays off in your second block of three days. And you get the full-immersion experience in Dutch while coming up for air halfway through.


Structure of part-time training

The part-time training programme at Language Institute Regina Coeli has the following structure for your language learning experience:

Start on a Wednesday

You begin your training at the institute in the morning. You can opt to stay at one of their hotels the night before to have a well-rested start.

Four lessons per day

Then, you have four lessons a day with a number of trainers who are native speakers. They work with you on your learning objectives, and in between, you work on assignments or do exercises that match your learning goals in the language lab.


Meals happen alongside your fellow students, which allows you to practise the language between lessons. It also allows you to seize the opportunity to talk to native Dutch students who are there to learn a different language - and they will generally be very willing to practise with you.


Each training block in the part-time programme includes a Taaltafel, which includes having either lunch or dinner with a trainer. The aim is to speak Dutch with each other during the meal.

Friday afternoon

You have a wrap-up with your mentor and drinks with fellow students and trainers. Then, the next training block starts where you can pick up your learning from where you left off before. 


During your stay

Regina Coeli's team recommends staying overnight at one of their hotels. Staying in one of their accommodations keeps you in your language learning bubble, eliminating distractions that you may encounter if you were studying near your home. This ensures that you make a lot of progress in your Dutch quickly.

Get advice!

Would you like to learn Dutch or give your skills a solid boost and really come to grips with the language? Then get in touch with Regina Coeli, which offers the choice of a full or part-time training programme - depending on your preferences and abilities. Advanced learners can also come for a Language Weekend.

For more information, visit the Language Institute Regina Coeli website or call +31 (0)73 684 87 53 during office hours.



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