Is Dutch your stumbling block?

Is Dutch your stumbling block?


In terms of language, the Netherlands is an easy country to live in as an expat. With English and basic knowledge of Dutch, you can get by just fine. Until the moment you notice that you’re not getting any further...

What are you waiting for? Learn Dutch at Regina Coeli!

For example, you see a great vacancy at a company that requires you to be able to speak Dutch. Maybe you feel you won’t get a promotion or be able to give that important presentation because your Dutch isn’t good enough. Or - something completely different - you cannot have a proper conversation with your child’s teacher.

If the Dutch language is getting in your way, it’s time to contact Regina Coeli!

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Adapting your course to your level

At Regina Coeli, they adapt your course precisely to your level and teach you exactly what you need. They do this by first accurately assessing your current skills and challenges, and then working on what you need to learn in private lessons with native speakers, according to a personal lesson plan.

During your training course, you work on the points that are holding you back. This can be very personal. In an advanced training programme, you will often deal with:

  • Sentence structure, the use of the articles het and de and other grammar that is easy to make mistakes with
  • Improving pronunciation
  • Expressions and sayings that the Dutch often use which can also add colour to your language use
  • Errors that have crept into your Dutch over time

Practising with other course members

In addition to the practice you get in your lessons, you can practice with other course members at the institute: people who are also working on their Dutch, or Dutch people learning another language at Regina Coeli. For example, you might meet an HR manager at lunch who is improving her English, spend the afternoon break on the terrace with a technician who often visits Germany, or enjoy the evening in the bar with a Dutchman learning Italian because he is spending the summer in Tuscany.

What all courses at Regina Coeli have in common

In the Dutch department at Regina Coeli, you also meet all sorts of course members who hail from different countries, and have different professions and very different Dutch skill levels. There are people who have just arrived in the Netherlands and still have to get used to the sounds of the language, and the advanced course members already sound almost like native speakers to their ears.

And yet one student’s training appears to be very similar to another. What all the training courses at Regina Coeli have in common:

  • You receive one-to-one lessons from highly educated native speakers
  • The lessons are fully tailored to your level and purposes
  • There is an emphasis on speaking, also in grammar lessons
  • Your course day follows a fixed rhythm, alternating between lessons, independent study hours and breaks in which you have the opportunity to practise the language on your own
  • Your lesson materials and the e-learning exercises are designed and selected by Regina Coeli language trainers, so they dovetail seamlessly with what you do in the lessons
  • You have all sorts of opportunities to relax and to meet and get to know other students at the institute

Language Lab Regina Coeli

Contact Regina Coeli

If the Dutch language is the stumbling block in your career, then it is time to remove it. An investment in language skills often yields higher returns than the initial investment. Please feel free to contact Regina Coeli to discuss the possibilities. For more information, visit their website, email them at or call them via  +31 (0)73 - 684 87 53.



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