Learn Dutch in a serene environment

Learn Dutch in a serene environment


English will get you pretty far in the Netherlands. Yet, sometimes you might feel like a bit of an outsider when everyone around you is speaking Dutch. Perhaps you avoid connecting with the Dutch, even though you could be enjoying living and working in the Netherlands more if you understood its people. And did you know that speaking Dutch also gives you an edge in the Dutch job market?

During Dutch language training at Regina Coeli, the language trainers teach you how to speak Dutch - not by using textbooks, but by looking at what you already know and what you need.

A unique programme

Even if you’re just starting to learn Dutch, you’d be surprised by how much you probably already know. After all, you speak your mother tongue, and so you may already understand some Dutch. By making connections with the languages you speak, you’ll learn Dutch faster and remember it more easily.

Regina Coeli’s roots lie in those of their founders’ international cloister. For a long time, the lessons were given by an international group of nuns. Nowadays, highly educated Dutch people teach Dutch. They are still proudly known as “the Nuns of Vught”.

At Regina Coeli, you're able to completely concentrate on learning the Dutch language. You stay in a quiet environment and can really escape from work and daily life. You get to practise and experiment with the language to the fullest at the language institute.

Dutch lesson at Regina Coeli

Flow through intensity

The training courses are intensive. You work on the language from early in the morning until late in the evening, usually for several days in a row. The variety in both the programme and the language trainers is what makes this possible. You come into a flow, so you absorb and can apply the material quickly.

The serene surroundings and the other course members around you help you to stay in that flow. Regina Coeli takes care of everything during your stay, from healthy, delicious meals in the restaurant to opportunities for sports and relaxation.

Expert coaching

During your training, you are coached by native speakers. They support you in developing your language skills, cultural awareness and communication style. Most importantly though, they ensure that you feel at ease with the language so that even after your training, you can communicate with self-confidence.

During your stay, you can connect with fellow students and practice Dutch in an inviting, relaxed atmosphere. In this way, you get to prepare yourself perfectly for all kinds of situations you’ll encounter after your training: having a pleasant, informal conversation with colleagues, participating in a Dutch meeting, meeting new people, and who knows how much more!

Regina Coeli Institute

A week to the Nuns

Regina Coeli is well-known for its “week to the Nuns." Most course members opt for an individual training programme from Monday to Friday, but so much more is possible.

Regina Coeli always gives personalised training courses and tailors them to meet your needs. Discover the possibilities now.



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