Interview with an expat: Fabrizia Sbrega

About Fabrizia
› 27 years old Italian Linguistic Master
 Fashion blogger and writer


When did you come to Holland?
January 17, two years ago.

Actually, I did not choose Holland; Holland chose me. I was looking for a job and my sister works for a recruitment agency in Italy. I went there once to check for jobs and there was an open position in Amsterdam. So, I said to myself: "Why not?"

First experience?
The company I am working for, was paying for accomodation and I had to stay at a hotel for a couple of months. Living with people from all over Europe was a great experience. It was like going to a college during summertime to study English :) I could not cook pasta, though!

What is your goal in life?
I would like to do what I love the most: travel, be with people I love, develop my skills and my passion.

Maybe it sounds apparent, but I would also like to keep on having a good job. The work situation in my country is really bad right now and this is a good reason to stay in Amsterdam.

What is your biggest passion?

How did you develop this passion here in Holland?
I started a fashion blog recently; my “Youniform” as I always wanted to call it.

Living abroad gave me the energy to finish what has always been in my mind. Still a work in progress but I would like to work with more pics taken on the street. Unfortunately, I do not have so much time but I would like to dedicate all my attention to it.

Sometimes it is challenging, sometimes it puts you down and you start being critical: how can I make my blog different, improve it further etc. Plus, there are loads of competitors in this field!

How is your blog structured?
My blog does not have a particular structure... I write about friends’ outfits, accessories from my wardrobe, street fashion style photos and much more.

Moreover, I want to interview young talented individuals and allow them to talk about their brands. I always admired those talented ones who start from scratch and build up a career, just like the stylist / artist I met at the Milan Fashion Week.

Finally, I recently bought a professional camera and I like to take more pics of my favourite subject: ordinary people walking on the streets and naturally spreading style.

In general, I envision a blog that encourages other people to act, participate and share!

Do you also have other side projects?
Yes, the "Youswap" party is my ultimate goal! I went to one of these parties last year and it was quite an experience. Btw guys, I am looking for sponsors!

Why here and not in Italy?
Dutch (girls) are so beautiful and liberated... fashion-wise that is. In Italy everyone (including the "alternatives") should wear brands; if it is not in fashion you do not wear it.

People judge a lot even though we like to say "l'abito non fa il monaco" which means "the clothing does not make the monk" (another version of what you know as "you cannot judge a book by its cover").

What is different here?
People here do like brands but they dare to show who they really are; tend to follow their own style if you wish. Plus, Dutch girls are beautiful, blond, tall… kind of exotic!

Moreover, I love their extremely stylish approach to interior design and house / garden decoration.

Anything new since you arrived?
 Funny thing, I learnt Spanish :)
(my “sweet half” is Spanish)
 Reached a good position in my job
 Went to Curacao, Aruba, Malaysia, Thailand, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Sardinia and numerous cities in the South and West of Holland.
 Learnt how to live alone and manage my finance

How is it to fall in love in English in a country where it is also a second language?
You can express yourself in different languages. Some feelings may be expressed in English or Spanish while others only in your native language.
"Ti Amo" (which I guess I do not have to translate) is something that I can only say in Italian. Otherwise it does not come from my heart.

Any crazy situations?
One night, some (male) friends threw some water balloons at the fire station across the hotel I was staying and started running. However, I and the other girls could not run as we wearing high heels. So, when the firemen looked outside the window, they saw a group of Italian and Swedish girls and invited us for a coffee.

We were hanging with the firemen while the boys were waiting for us at the tram stop...

Any last words?
Holland is full of opportunities. Here, even if you start from scratch, you can make it.

Am I well-dressed tonight?
Yes... va bene…

Agnese enjoys interviewing people with a story to tell, a project to unfold, a dream to share… always with an amazing bottle of wine selected for the occasion. 

For Fabrizia, a light wine produced by the pioneers of biodynamic wine farming, the Fasoli Brothers, was chosen. In 2009 they won all possible awards during the German BioFach, the most important "alternative bio" wine salon in the world.

This Soave has a very elegant fruity taste; you can feel peaches, apples and almonds that make it playful and friendly. It is made out of Garganega grape, typical from the Verona / Vicenza's hills. Suitable for risotto, fish, soya, green vegetables, light desserts and ice cream. It has an amazing fancy cover and a good price (HEMA, 7,50 euros).

Some inspiration for Fabrizia, who started her own project with the fashion blog because products with good taste always succeed, sooner or later. A good wine for a stylish project!


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