Bars in Amsterdam where luck is on your side

Bars in Amsterdam where luck is on your side

You know the feeling, it's Friday afternoon after a long and productive week and going home to watch Netflix is simply not an option. Hopefully, you are already tossing back brewskies with your colleagues at the company office! Lucky for you, whether you have drinks at work or not, Amsterdam provides a nightlife full of bars and ratchtivities.

Looking for where to go? Look no further!

Put on your drinking goggles and venture out to the following 5 bars:

Bar Bukowski

As we’ve stated, it is Friday after work and you’ve had a couple of beers at the office with your colleagues. Catch a nice dinner in the upcoming parts of the east and go end the night at Bar Bukowski. There you will find many locals looking for a good ol’ grand time.

When it comes to the location, Bar Bukowski is nicely located next to Oosterpark, a beautiful park that offers spectacular panoramas during hot summer evenings or cold winter nights. Amsterdam Muiderpoort, where you will have access to the NS trains, is close enough to reach by bike. Cycling should take you 5 minutes, but if the night is extremely good perhaps 10 minutes!

Image: Bar Bukowski

De Ebeling

If you seek to move your feet a bit to the tune of music, then de Ebeling is where you should turn up at! The visitors are vibrant and willing to do more than just stand, drink, and talk. It does get crowded, but with that, it provides you with multiple opportunities to meet new people. Let the biertjes flow and the good times roll.

Being conveniently located on Overtoom, practically next to Leidseplein and Vondelpark, access to this destination should be the least of your concerns. During the week, like most places, de Ebeling is quieter, but rest assured, Friday night is when the freaks come out to play.

Bar Lux

Located around the corner of Leidseplein, this comfortable 2-floor venue offers a relaxed vibe during the afternoon and a wild experience at night. Bar Lux provides a balance of enough tourists, expats, and Dutchies to make for an interesting crowd. They even have a smoking room!

Café Struik

If you wear your grandfather’s glasses and FILAs then you have found your spot! The alternative crowd that Café Struik attracts will provide you with a platform for your obscure and out-of-the-box style. Don’t believe me? Go check it out for yourself!

Like most Friday nights at Café Struik, they will begin inside the café itself but eventually, it'll end up outside, with people sipping, smoking, and swooping. The place is small but cosy. Best of all, the neighbours have accepted the madness of Café Stuik. Turn up!

Image: Café Struik

De Groene Vlinder

In De Pijp you will find it all: locals, tourists, expats, comedians, loners, etc. And De Groene Vlinder is the meeting point for all these people! This venue contains 3 floors, namely the Main floor, where all the drank is; the top floor, for a more intimate vibe and the bottom floor for all your bathroom needs.

It took me more than a year to find De Pijp because I was initially lured to Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein, but when I did, it quickly became my go-to area. I have zero problems with tourist-driven plazas, but De Pijp provides the local feel that most expats seek.

Bars Galore

As a foreigner/ expat living in Holland, it is important to maintain a healthy social life. Whether you are a fan of bars or not, all these five places can provide a way into social circles. If drinking is not your thing, then order some tea or coffee and use that as your ice breaker when approaching people. You are a foreigner, trust me when I say people want to know more. Get out and enjoy these bars as much as I have!

Richard Medina


Richard Medina

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California by Mexican parents from Michoacan, Mexico. Currently living in Bussum, working in Amsterdam, and enjoying the rain and potatoes.

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